Tigers Down UVA 8-4

Tigers Down UVA 8-4

Tigers Down UVA 8-4

Tigers Down UVA 8-4

The first goal of the day came off what appeared to be a 1-4-1 Princeton offensive formation in which Brad Dumont dodged to his left from the one slot up top, drew a slide, and hit Rob Torti who banged it in from the left wing putting the Tigers up 1-0. A slash on the following faceoff put the Tigers in a man-up situation. After backing up a missed shot, Chris Harrington took the ball out from out bounds, stepped up on the left pipe, and basically just passed the ball to Sean Hartofilis on the left-handed shooting wing. With no pressure on his hands, Hartofilis just stepped in and finished it lefty high and away, 2-0 Princeton. At the 9:41 mark in the first quarter the ref blew his whistle to call a penalty on UVA for too many men on the field and then proceeded to call for a TV timeout. Since when do regular season college lacrosse games have TV timeouts? Coming out of the TV timeout the Tigers were man-up, but were unable to convert, keeping the score at 2-0. With 2:52 left in the first quarter Virginia's Chris Rotelli took his man from up top to the right, ducked inside through the Princeton slide and stuck it in the upper left for Virginia's first goal on the day, 2-1 Princeton. Little over a minute later at the 1:43 mark in the first quarter the Virginia offense drew a thirty second penalty on Princeton's Ryan Mollett. Just ten seconds into the penalty Billy Glading converted a feed from Ian Shure to tie the ballgame up at 2-2, which instantly led to the orange and blue faithful getting up out of their seats and making some noise. After Princeton jumped out to an early 2-0 lead with a few solid defensive stops, the Cavaliers settled down and got back into the game with their two late first quarter goals to end the first at 2-2.

The beginning of the second started with some settled situations by UVA which failed to register any goals, but Princeton connected about midway through the first to break the tie as Matt Striebel put away a Rob Torti feed to make it 3-2 Tigers. A loose ball in the Virginia box created a chaotic series as Princeton players tried top pick it up and finish on a rattled Tillman Johnson -- multiple defensive checks and a diving Johnson out of the goal produced a serious scrum for the ball in front of the UVA goal. Johnson's diving effort saved a goal but resulted in a tripping penalty. The Tigers were unable to convert as they sat in a 3-3 front with nobody behind. Johnson's backup in goal, Ryan Thompson, made a nice hip save off of a Hartofilis shot from up top to help stuff the Tigers' man-up. Tierney and Johnson exchanged nice saves for their respective teams which led to a timeout with just 1:36 left in the second quarter. UVA tied it up at 3 with 23 seconds left as #Conor Gill smoothly worked it from X, flicked it to Shure on the crease, who bounced a shot off of Trevor Tierney's arm into the goal. The two teams go into halftime all tied up at 3 with neither team really holding any noticeable advantage.

Princeton scored the first goal of the second half as a low diagonal crease feed from Hartofilis handcuffed a cutting Striebel and deflected off of him past Johnson into the goal. After a small discussion as to what exactly happened, the refs called the goal good and the scoreboard read in favor of the Tigers 4-3. A little over a minute later Princeton struck again when freshman Ryan Boyle worked the lower lefty wing and beat Tillman Johnson for his first ever collegiate goal. Princeton jumped back up by two at 5-3 with just under eight minutes left in the 3rd. In case anyone was wondering, there was the game's second TV timeout at the 4:40 mark in the third. Just when it appeared as if the Tigers were going to blank the Cavs in the third quarter, Shure, sitting in the left handed feeding spot, roped the ball on a textbook backside feed to last year's starting goalie/converted midfielder, Derek Kenney, who basically flicked the ball into an empty net as the feed itself beat the defense. This all went down with just three ticks left in the third quarter. Third quarter ends with Princeton leading Virginia 5-4.

Princeton's Owen Daly then found Will MacColl, who got loose on the right goaline extended with a backdoor cut. He faked Johnson high to get him up in the air and finishes low past the jumping goalie for the first goal of the fourth quarter. Princeton up 6-4. After Princeton's offense worked a few passes around the horn, MacColl takes his shortie from the top left side down the wing and just when he was right above the goaline extended, fired a cross-crease pass to the backside where Striebel was hanging out. Striebel caught and finished with his right hand to put the Tigers up by 3 at 7-4. MacColl did it again by himself the next time down the field as he took his man from behind, drove the right pipe, threw a little crease move and snuck one by Tillman Johnson, who was holding his right pipe, 8-4 Princeton. MacColl is 2-1 in Princeton's critical three goal run in the fourth quarter. A minute slash on Virginia goalie Johnson leads to the Tigers spreading out their man up and playing keep away to kill the rest of the game.

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    by (#3027) on 3/10/01 @9:11PM
Princeton is so dominant on defense and yet has a terrific offense. The younger players have already begun to grow into their own under the leadership of Tierney and seniors like Trevor Tierney, Matt Striebel, and Ryan Mollett. I believe in Princeton and I have a feeling that they are going to prevail this year and become NCAA Champions for 2001. Syracuse, you goin' down!!!
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(no subject)
    by (#1635) on 3/11/01 @4:36AM
YOU MIGHT against the Dawgs
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you forgot the 'oh...'
    by (#3154) on 3/11/01 @12:20PM

Tiger D is so tight. I'm especially impressed with Damien Davis - not too shabby for sophomore. Good crowd, good game, all in all good stuff.

Perhaps the highlight of the game was Mr. Casey Powell strutting his stuff all over the place waiting for someone to recognize him. Pretty funny stuff. Oh Casey, oh casey. Please tell me he doesn't get dibs on #22 in MLL.
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cmon Starsia
    by (#4958) on 3/11/01 @9:19PM
What's with UVA not being able to win any big games? That's 3 straight. Good opponents but you gotta win big games when you have that reputation.
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    by (#6758) on 3/12/01 @9:18PM
that not 3 straight that only two. they won their first game. don't fret virginia will pull it together.
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# 6
    by (#8608) on 3/12/01 @8:48AM
Ryan Mollet did a super job in holding Connor Gill to one assist, you can see Connor was really getting frustrated by the end of the second period. Lets squeeze some orange
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TO HELL with mollet!!!!
    by (#1301) on 3/16/01 @6:07PM
Well.. he may did do work agianst Gill (I gave you credit for it) but Lax is not a one man game, no matter how good this freshmen is UVA still get there Asses kicked by TIGER(S)'s TEAM offence because there are more talent in the team than just one per position. All I have to say now is here come another TIGER ERA!!!!
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VA??? Where was the offense?
    by (#3048) on 3/12/01 @8:31PM
Princeton let down a few times on Defense and VA just didn't capitalize...here's a four letter word for you UVA on offense...MOVE!!!!! Was easy to guard you guys...you just stood there! And would someone please put GLOCK in the goal..he's sooo money!!!
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agreed with you TIGERS fan
    by (#1301) on 3/13/01 @8:04PM
all i have to say is here come another TIGER DOMINATION ERA and UVA you are an over rated "one championship wonder" you'd be lucky to make in to final four this year.... GO TIGER and good work Matt (sorry couldn't go)
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damn right
    by (#3027) on 3/14/01 @3:45PM
yeah striebel rules. He can carry the offense even with Prager out of the lineup. It might be too early to tell, however Striebel deserves a first team all america honor
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    by (#27) on 3/14/01 @8:06PM
What's up with Prager anyway? Why is he out of the lineup? How long? Anyone?
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He's got a shoulder injury
    by (#764) on 3/14/01 @9:24PM
He has a shoulder injury, but I don't know how long he'll be out. Too bad, he's really susceptible(sp?) to injury, but he does make a real presence when he's out there (see: PU vs. JHU at the season opener)
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Get well soon BJ
    by (#1301) on 3/16/01 @6:19PM
now all that the TIGER need is putting there anilation team together (including BJ) and getting ready for the Syracuse game. Yes eventhought it was pretty upsetting last year agianst the the orangemen for TIGERS. But if they can take care of the upstate based team, there won't be any problem for the Tigers going into their next championship the waited for.. But doesn't mean there won't be any dark horses teams for 2001 to challenge Princeton (only one team in their leauge that would stand a chance is Cornell) they may but they would need to be extreamly strong to take care of TIGER squard that Coach Tieney been building up for the last 3 seasons. Under Striebel and Gill's command on the offence. There should be much wave for them other than SU because the D are solid for the Tigers so that game should have alot of impact toward the rest of this season for the tigers. Like in season preview of Face-off magazine said.. let get ready for another DOMINATION ERA of Princeton Tigers.
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My bad
    by (#1301) on 3/28/01 @9:00PM
I meant the team is under Striebel VS Gill's command on UVA side
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