D1M:Terps Outbattle Cornell 8-7 at Schoellkopf Field

D1M:Terps Outbattle Cornell 8-7 at Schoellkopf Field

D1M:Terps Outbattle Cornell 8-7 at Schoellkopf Field

D1M:Terps Outbattle Cornell 8-7 at Schoellkopf Field

A lot was on the line for both of these two teams today, with this being Cornell's first legitimate shot this year to catapult themselves into the top ten and for Maryland to prove that they deserve their high ranking after barely beating a weak Towson team last week. Maryland's #29-Marcus LaChapelle(2g-2a) scored the game's first goal off of a #45-Chris Malone(1g-1a) man-up feed, but Cornell came ready to play and would come right back at the Terps. Cornell's #25-Sean Steinwald(3g-1a) scored his first of three goals on the day to help jumpstart the Big Red's first half attack. Cornell's #13-Andrew Schardt(0g-2a) threw a sick man-up skip pass across the Terps man-down zone to an open #9-David Key(1g-0a) who finished on the crease to make the score 2-1 in Cornell's favor. On the following face-off Cornell won the possession and came right back down Maryland's throats as Steinwald finished an unsettled assist from Schardt, with the first quarter ending 3-1 in Cornell's favor. Both teams were able to put up two goals onto the scoreboard in the second quarter with Cornell leading 5-3 at halftime. Maryland outshot Cornell, but a number of these shots were not on cage to test the Cornell goaltending. While Cornell's halftime lead was only two goals, they looked like they were playing at a level above Maryland during the first two quarters. The Big Red were playing an extremely physical, yet controlled game in which they were knocking Terps over, scoring off of rides, and running extremely controlled and deliberate offensive sequences which almost always seemed to result in quality shots. Observing the first half, it appeared as if Cornell wanted this game more than Maryland did. Coach Edell must have done something in the locker room at halftime because the Terps came out looking like a totally different team in the second half. Maryland scored the second half's first four goals with #14-Andrew Combs(3g-0a) having two of his three goals during this spurt. Cornell was held to only 1 goal at the 6:20 mark of the third and looked like they were running one step behind Maryland now, the game's momentum completely shifted from the Big Red in the first half to the Terps in the second half. The third quarter ended with Maryland up 7-6 on Cornell. Even though the Big Red wasn't finishing off most of their shots, they were still able to capitalize early in the fourth with an unassisted goal by #14-JP Schalk evening the score at 7-7. Maryland answered right away with a #45-Chris Malone goal, to take the fourth quarter lead back 8-7. This would wind up being the game winning goal as neither team was able to connect in the final minutes of the game. Maryland wins 8-7 over Cornell.

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    by (#47) on 3/19/00 @9:17AM
Looks like Petromala is doing his job
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Cornell is back
    by (#1383) on 3/20/00 @12:15AM
They were inconsistent, but they have big talent, and they definately have Coach's disposition. It looked like they were going to kill Maryland as it went into halftime, but they faltered when they came out. Don't be suprised if Cornell does some real damage in May.
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Reposted: Telling Fortunes
    by (#1398) on 3/20/00 @6:05PM
Mike, if lax.com doesn't work out, you might want to join the Psychic Network...

Your prediction on the Maryland-Cornell game read as follows:

"Look for a low scoring, close game that can go either way, but Maryland will take it on a strong close defense and an outstnding McGinnis."

Here's what happened, according to the Sports Info office:

"Maryland held off a furious Cornell attack in the final minute. The Terps made three outstanding defensive plays to secure the win, sophomore midfielder Nate Watkins (Elmira, N.Y.) knocked loose a Cornell pass with 35 seconds left when the Big Red had the ball deep in Maryland territory. Then after Cornell regained possession Marcus LaChapelle (Severna Park, Md.) intercepted a pass by Cornell defenseman Ryan McClay with 21 seconds left and as the final buzzer sounded goalie Pat McGinnis (Ellicott City, Md.) made his 10th and final stop on David Key's shot from about 35 yards."

Scary good coverage, Mike. Thanks from a Terp fan trapped in Texas 'til further notice.
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Cornell's for real
    by (#454) on 3/21/00 @1:58PM
Cornell is a well coached team that if they play together have a chance to upset princeton and take the Ivy League.
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