Hopkins Knocks the King off the Mountain

Hopkins Knocks the King off the Mountain

Hopkins Knocks the King off the Mountain

Hopkins Knocks the King off the Mountain

“Coming into this game we were unsure what we were going to get from this group,” said Johns Hopkins Head Coach Dave Pietramala of his team. After Saturday afternoon Pietramala should feel a little more confidant in his guys because they defeated the defending National Champion Princeton Tigers 8 to 5 on legendary Homewood Field in Baltimore, Maryland with an official attendance of 4,631. Princeton’s highly touted offense sputtered and Hopkins got some great performances from some self-proclaimed “no-name” players. Senior Nick Murtha made his first career start in the cage and was spectacular. Freshman Kyle Harrison made a quick name for himself winning 12 of 17 face-offs and scoring two goals. Harrison, who during the press conference was still holding one of the game balls awarded by Coach Pietramala in the locker room, seemed in awe of all the attention he was receiving, “I didn’t think I had that great of a day today.” Well, if thinks this is bad then I would love to see what he thinks is good.

Harrison had the game’s first goal just 1:22 into the game. He had a good look and found the back of the net. Princeton was unable to answer until Senior Mark Pellegrino recorded an unassisted score. It was only Pellegrino’s third career goal. Hopkins regained the lead when sophomore Kevin Boland fed Kyle Barrie on the diagonal and Barrie scored. The half ended with a 2-1 score in favor of the Blue Jays. It was unexpected that guys like Ryan Boyle and BJ Prager would be held scoreless but they were.

The second half was almost a different game with players on both teams showing improvement. Pietramala noticed a change, “The greatest difference in the second half was that we got to the loose balls.” Senior Matt Hanna was in the right place at the right time when he converted a feed from Kevin Boland who lost his defenseman who got caught in the back of the net. Princeton had been dry for almost 22 minutes finally got back on the board with an extra-man goal from junior Owen Daly. Hopkins answered with two more before the end of the quarter. Freshman Peter LeSueur gave a nice feed to Conor Ford who completed the transaction for a goal. Then LeSueur moved the ball to Adam Doneger on extra-man and Doneger buried one from downtown for a 5-2 lead going into the fourth quarter.

The fourth quarter continued to be all Hopkins. PJ DiConza threw a clearing pass that just missed his target but was fortunately picked up by Bobby Benson who threw it in. Boland tacked on another one as he converted the extra-man opportunity that gave the Blue Jays a commanding 7-2 lead with 9 minutes to play. The Tigers would not give up as senior Brendan Tierney got an extra-man goal off a feed from Daly. Princeton Head Coach Bill Tierney commented on the change in attitude of his team, “This was the first time since February 1st we found out what intensity means. We learned some things about ourselves that will serve us well later on.” Junior Brad Dumont finally got on the board, after being dominated all day by the Hopkins midfielders, to bring his team within three. Princeton couldn’t put a desperation run together and last minute goals from Ryan Boyle and Kyle Harrison made the final 8-5.

Coach Tierney felt that his team may have been a little too comfortable coming in, “After you win a national championship and everything has gone your way, you expect things to happen. We can’t wait for things to happen any longer, someone has to step up.” Coach Pietramala has a young team with many freshman seeing significant playing time including starting. Will this one victory go to their heads? “That is something we addressed in the locker room right after the game. We need to play better in the future if we want to get to where we want to be.”

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Pictures ?
    by (#11361) on 3/03/02 @8:34AM
Photos!!!!!! Where are all the game photos ?
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Give It Up For The Jays
    by (#17679) on 3/03/02 @11:29AM
The Blue Jays are on a roll this year by knocking off the NCAA Champions, the Princeton Tigers. This shows the leadership that Pietramala has towards his kids. Kevin Boland played a great game as well as Bobby Benson and Conor Ford. Hopkins should have a great year but I bet a little bit of trouble againt the Syracuse Orangemen.
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    by (#764) on 3/03/02 @11:41AM
The Tigers really miss Streibel. They have no creators from the midfield OR the attack. Daly and Dumont are not the type of players that can create slides and draw doubles. Streibel was, and Princeton misses him.
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    by (#20210) on 3/03/02 @11:47AM
Good point about the midfield but they do have creators from the attack like Boyle and Prager.
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    by (#764) on 3/03/02 @12:44PM
I would definitely not call Prager a creator. He is a finisher. He feeds off a creator or feeder player. He doesn't create his own shots, and he relies on someone else to get him the ball in order to score.

That being said, Boyle is not the type of player who could almost break down a defense. Streibel could last year: just look at a tape of the Championship game from last year. Almost every Princeton goal originated from Striebel dodging, and beating, his man to draw a slide. Boyle doesn't have Matt's atheletic and dodging ability to draw long slide like Matt. He might be able to draw some short slides from the crease dodging from X, but a good defense would have their second slide right on Prager before Boyle could get the shot off: like Hopkins yesterday.

You are right, too, there are absolutely no playmakers from the midfield. Daly and Dumont are good, skilled players, but really they cannot create their own shots like Torti or Striebel last year.
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Princeton isnt gonna repeat
    by (#12319) on 3/03/02 @1:48PM
They lost some key players in tierney, mollet, bailor, and especially striebel. They have a great attack but losing those guys is gonna hurt them badly.
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One game and you people are talking.....
    by (#11361) on 3/03/02 @2:05PM
Am I the only one that recalls that Princeton always starts the season somewhat slow. You guys were saying the same things last season when they lost a couple games. Start making statements after the mid-way point in the season. Not after one freaking game.....Oh yea I forgot. All of you are experts, and think you know it all. Idiots!!!!
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good call
    by (#20085) on 3/03/02 @3:18PM
Most team ALWAYS start out slow even all of the great teams,look for Boyle to come back and start kickin some @$$. But I still honestly dont think that Princeton will be anywhere as great as last year, but they still will make the Final Four.
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    by (#764) on 3/03/02 @3:32PM
DiConza shut Boyle down. The Hop D was all over him. All he could do was whine about "penalties". DiConza is one of the most underrated D-men in DI. Last year he played great against Mike Powell before getting injured. And I wouldn't say all teams start of slowly. UVa and SU had a real run-n-gun game yesterday from what I heard on the radio. Mind you, the goaltending was shaky, as was some of the D, but the offenses of both teams were sharp.
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Yes poeple are talking and heres why!
    by (#22211) on 3/03/02 @3:48PM
I have a few problems with youre statements. First Princeton always starts slow! This seems curious for a team that has won 6 National Championships in the last 10 years. For arguments sake lets consider the first 5 games of the season is the start.

During the span from 1990 through 2001 Princeton is 46-14; thats a 77% winning percentage, with losses to virginia, Hopkins, syracuse, loyola and UNC. This is hardly indictative of a team that starts slow. Aslo, half of those loses came in 3 seasons! This does not unto itself condemn Princeton's season yet because they have only played one game. So lets look at the manor in which they lost.

Of the fourteen losses, nine have been by 2 or less goals. Only 2 losses by greater than 2 goal differential have been in seasons when they won they championship. Those seasons being '01 and '96.

Now, lets look at Princeton's Offensive woes yesterday. They scored five goals, three of which came with under 6 minutes left. An output of five goals ties Princeton for their third lowest offensive out put since '90. Twice they scored 4 and twice 5 goals including yesterday. Never has Princeton won a National Championship in a year with any of the above losses.

Now from having been at yesterdays game, unless Princeton players had one of its most apethetic played games under Teirney, unlikely or their are offensive problems at princeton this year! With out a great performance by a first time goalie(Gould) and alot of poor shots by youthful players(Hopkins, this game could have looked alot worse. Also With 6 minutes remaining the score was 7-2.

Also, Princeton only lost 1 game last year.

This said maybe Princeton had a terrible day, or maybe they have alot of problems to work out. Personally, I'll go with history and say They have alot of problems!
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(no subject)
    by (#8312) on 3/06/02 @9:50PM
u have too much time on your hands
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    by (#22234) on 3/03/02 @4:59PM
Did your four year old sister write this article??
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    by (#22364) on 3/04/02 @2:45PM
i dont think it was his four year old sister, but maybe it was one of the hot ones. ohh and whats up with that MUY COOL name?
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muy cool name
    by (#22234) on 3/04/02 @9:04PM
it's bigGmull, with two "g's." come on miguel. i bet you can't even pronounce the word "tournament" properly. hey i heard english chicks have bad teeth, too bad for mullen.
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english girls
    by (#22364) on 3/04/02 @11:21PM
man billy i think those english girls be ILL!!
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    by (#22731) on 3/06/02 @9:46PM
I heard English girls smell funny too. And do they shave their armpits? I wouldn't know, I've never been there. Oh, and do you know what would be funny... if Coach Mullen had a mullet, then we could call him Coach Mullet. OH MAN! That would be tizzight.
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