Orangemen Too Much For Cavaliers

Orangemen Too Much For Cavaliers

Orangemen Too Much For Cavaliers

Orangemen Too Much For Cavaliers

The field was already lit at around 2:30 p.m. for the 3 o’clock start, so yeah, it was dark. It was also wet and cold, but Syracuse didn’t travel around 700 miles for nothing. To prove so, they started out the scoring with goals by Sophomore attackman Brian Nee, and junior attackman Michael Springer who was fed by junior middie Brett Walther. What seemed like the beginning of pounding quickly turned into a goal for goal battle when UVA netted three of their own as junior middie Chirs Rotelli, senior attackman Conner Gill, and freshman attackman Joe Yevoli each scored unassisted goals respectively in a time span of about a minute and a half. Suddenly this was going to be one the fans would have to hang around for until the very cold, soaking end. Before S.U. could answer, the Cavs would put two more in as junior middie Billy Glading, and senior middie Nick Russo joined the action with a goal apiece respectively. A Virginia penalty would give the ‘Cuse defense a rest and the offense a chance to capitalize with a score. The Cavaliers defense would be able to prevent a man-up goal, but wouldn’t be able to stop B. Nee as he netted his second of the day off a feed from sophmore attackman Michael Powell. Syracuse won the ensuing face-off and was able to wear on the UVA defense with senior middie Josh Coffman muscling around the crease from “X” and putting a close range shot past UVA keeper, sophomore Tillman Johnson. Coffman would show his diversity when minutes later he ripped a shot in from twelve yards out, tying the game at 5. Each team would score another before the quarter’s end, leaving it at a 6-6 first quarter finish. UVA’s senior middie Brenndan Mohler scored at 3:59 left in the quarter to give his team back the lead. S.U.'s Powell would miss a behind the back attempt wide, but when the Orangemen finally got the ball back on their end, Powell would not miss as he beat his man and ripped it high to end the quarter.

The second quarter would see Syracuse pull away with five goals compared to UVA’s two. Syracuse opened up the scoring again as Springer put in his second of the day, but the Cavs would not let this one get away yet, as freshman attackman John Christmas scored for the first time that afternoon. Coffman notched his third and fourth of the day this quarter, both unassisted and the fourth with 20 seconds left in the half. Play on the field did get a little sloppier as the rain fell harder, and this would cause more penalties to pile up. Syracuse would not be able to convert on their 30 second man-up, and neither would Virginia be able to take advantage of a delay of game called on Powell. After minutes of scoreless and wild play, S.U. would get their ninth goal of the day from senior middie Spencer Wright with a little under 5 minutes left in the half. UVA’s only other goal of the 2nd Quarter would be a man up goal with 1:56 left. Coffman’s fourth goal would put the Orangemen up at halftime, 11-8.

Despite winning 13 of 21 face-offs, the Cavs just couldn’t score enough in the first half. Penalties also played a part in Virginia’s deficit, as their defense had to fight through four of them while Syracuse’s defense only dealt with being man down for a total of 90 seconds. The second half would see the game come to another tie as Virginia fought it’s way back with under 7 minutes left in the game. Then the UVA and Syracuse faithful would be stuck on the edge of their wet seats with only a one goal difference in the game as Syracuse was up 14-13 for around the last 5 ½ minutes of play.

UVA came out gunning in the second half seeming determined to regain the lead. Joe Yevoli took a feed from Gill at the 12:38 mark to cut the lead to two, and Jared Little cut the lead to one with his unassisted goal at 9:07 left in the 3rd. Despite Syracuse only coming up with one goal in the 3rd, in Powell's third goal of the afternoon at 7:24, Virginia wouldn’t ever be able to get that lead back that they had in the first. Syracuse’s defense would be tested for long stretches at a time, but red-shirt freshman Jay Pfeifer would come up with big save after big save. UVA put a barrage of shots on cage with just under 2 minutes in the third, but would come away with nothing but a pipe, a miss, and some saves for Pfeifer.

The 3rd ended with S.U. up 12-10 and with a man-up situation going into the 4th. The end of this man-up period would see another Springer goal as he took a feed from Powell and ripped it off the wet ground. UVA would have their own 30 seconds of man-up play to try and cut their deficit from 3, but the only thing they would hit would be Orangeman Brett Walther’s quad as the middie took one for the team. Although times were looking worse and worse for the Cavs, the next three goals would be theirs and a win would be very much within reach. First A.J. Shannon took a feed from Rotelli and stuck it off Pfiefer’s hip making it 13-11. The crowd was right back into it with UVA chants booming through the rain. The Virginia ‘D’ pumped them up even more with a big stop when they forced the ball out of bounds. Then on the offensive end, Gill fed Yevoli who ripped one in to put a tie game one goal away. The tie finally came as Yevoli scored again, this time behind the back off a Shannon feed with 6:23 left to play. The fans were going nuts, but Syracuse answered right back and only slipped from the lead for a minute as Wright scored squelching the UVA fire at 5:44 left. However, the final minutes showed that the game was far from in the bag as Syracuse’s defense stopped the Cav onslaught time and time again, only to have frustrating problems in clearing the ball. Finally, ‘Cuse got the ball during a ground-ball scuffle, and after minutes of defending cheaped-it down to the other end where it rolled past the far endline. UVA would get a final chance to score with 18 seconds left because Syracuse was unable to keep the ball in the box. However, Virginia's shot went high and a long Syracuse clear by junior defenseman Solomon Bliss landed in Powell's pocket enabling him to finish easily for the 15th and final goal of the game.

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    by (#5588) on 3/03/02 @8:03PM
i think cuse are really gonna run away with it this year the need to be stronger on the face-offs though but the defense really showed how good they are im guessing
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face offs
    by (#20817) on 3/04/02 @6:16PM
jake plunkett is an up and coming face off man for syracuse and i think he will be valuable in the years to come
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    by (#22721) on 3/07/02 @10:28AM
playin with jake in high school i know first hand his dominance at face-off. as a senior he won somewhere around a ridiculous 78% of his face offs. he is not just one of the premiere face off men though, he has skills, size, and mentality to be a true offensive threat(#3 all-time scorer at homer). this year he will probably mainly be a face off man, but dont count on that being the case for too long. watch out for plunket.......hes nasty
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    by (#7760) on 3/04/02 @7:54PM
There is no way that Princeton is gonna make it to the final four. They suck this year.
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    by (#20210) on 3/05/02 @8:39PM
Princeton is good iam all for Syracuse but i think princeton will make it they start of slow. Iam thinking Syracuse,Hopkins,Princeton,Towson.
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princeton #4??
    by (#19534) on 3/12/02 @3:12PM
u got princeton too high up their. They are a damn good team but they are being lazy this year. Im saying
4.UNC (watch these guys, they are damn good and young)
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    by (#2700) on 3/16/02 @4:31PM
UNC...#4 in the nation. Yes they may be young, and there may be future greatness ahead. But don't lump them with the best in D1 lax. For now, they remain the ACC doormat.
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    by (#15285) on 3/03/02 @9:23PM
John Christmas is sick and Chris Rotelli is fast as hell. It's too early in the season to tell who is going to go all the way, but I'm guessing that Virginia still has a good chance.
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    by (#1384) on 3/04/02 @1:17AM
is good, but why is everyone on his nuts and not Yevoli's? The kid only has 9 pts in two games. 4 g's against Cuse?

come on. drink fresca. stay straight.
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cant agree w/ you more
    by (#12319) on 3/04/02 @6:51PM
people were talking about christmas doing as well as powell and boyle his freshman year. But yevoli has taken the spotlight with back to back 4 goal games.
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It's early
    by (#10532) on 3/05/02 @10:30AM
Two games into the season and you guys are ready to crown Syracuse National Champion and say that Christmas is over-rated. If you guys know anything about lacrosse, you know that things can change very quickly. Another thing, Princeton is still very good; they just had a wake-up call Saturday.
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hey Waetherly
    by (#22632) on 3/06/02 @12:09PM
The crown has already been placed on the Cuse. Season over. sorry, sarge

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cuse? virginia? princeton?
    by (#9081) on 3/07/02 @4:04AM
who knows....alot can happen during the season...people get hurt, big plays happen, teams go into slumps....knowing this and so many other things, you have to realize that cuse can not be crowned yet....but they will, they just have to play their type of game(solid d, and uptempo offense)....J Chris is definately NOT overrated....if you know the kid, and have seen him play, he can errupt at any moment and own you (just like a certain freshman last year...hint hint). Just because another freshman who is and incredible finisher has more goals than Christmas, doesn't mean Chris is overrated(besides he is not the only factor for his TEAM, don't forget about Gill).....Princeton is a perrenial power house.....always has been, and Tierney will get things back on the ball right away. and like i said before, S#!T happens....don't jinx it for cuse TWO WEEKS into the season......but this is just my view on it....i love reading feed back...hit this one up
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come on
    by (#7091) on 3/05/02 @1:30PM
hes no THE lasky for christakes

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