Newswire: AJ Fish.. Football or Lax???
Highly touted high school senior facing tough decision between football and lacrosse

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 5:34:51 PM

A.J. Fish will soon have to decide if he wants to play his favorite sport, football, or the one he's best at, lacrosse.

The days of two-sport professional athletes seems to be a thing of the past. While it's certainly something that's common for typical college athletes, players who were brought into a school on a scholarship to play a particular sport usually focus on just that one. Considering how popular some college athletic programs are these days, and how tight recruitment budgets can be, it's no wonder why coaches would adamantly refrain from letting their players participate in secondary sports.

With that, however, comes a massive dilemma for recruiters. It's difficult enough for coaches to convince a star young athlete to chose their school over another, but in some circumstances, they also have to try to persuade them into playing the sport that they coach.

With this year's NCAA national signing day for lacrosse coming up on November 1, all eyes are going to be on the country's top men's lax player, A.J. Fish. Not because he hasn't already made an informal commitment to play at a particular school, but rather because Fish hasn't decided if he wants to play football or lacrosse at the next level.

The signing day for football isn't until February, and to date, Fish hasn't received any offers from big collegiate football programs, according to Comcast Sports Net Chicago. On the other hand, he's already given the University of Virginia verbal confirmation that he would like to play lax for the Cavaliers after he graduates from high school in the spring.

Fish, who's putting up great numbers at quarterback this fall, explained that football is his favorite sport, but acknowledged his strengths are with a lacrosse stick.

The source indicated that Fish and his 180-pound frame are probably best suited for lax instead of football, which could be a reason Division I pigskin coaches haven't made him an offer.

Hopefully, for the sake of collegiate lacrosse, we'll get to see Fish prove his worth on the lax field. For now, our fingers are crossed.