The New Epoch Dragonfly Integra 2 Lacrosse Shaft

Sep 5, 2017
The all new Epoch Dragonfly Integra 2 lacrosse shafts are designed with much of the same re-load carbon technology as their bigger brothers, the Epoch Dragonfly 8 series, but at about 30% less in price.  The biggest difference between the two different lines of  these lacrosse shafts is the ability to choose from different shaft shapes.  There are there different shaft shapes in the Epoch Dragonfly 8 line, but only one for the Integra 2.   The Epoch Dragonfly Integra 2 lacrosse shaft is really designed to be an upgrade option for those advancing youth and high school players that are considering purchasing a sub-par metal technology in the $75-$100 range.  For a few extra bucks, you can now own a shaft that shoots faster, is not susceptible to dents and dings, and performs better than cheaper metal technology.   Integra-2-shaft-1     The Epoch Dragonfly Integra 2 lacrosse shaft weighs in at sub 5oz and has been tested with the bruisers in the NLL,  where they but a serious beating on these shafts.  We recommend the Epoch Dragonfly Integra 2 lacrosse shaft for that middle school and high school player that is really starting to develop physically.  These guys need a shaft that will enhance shot speed as well as have the ability to hold those cross checks from the defensive side of the field.   The Epoch Dragonfly Integra 2 is made in the USA like the Epoch Dragonfly 8 shafts so the quality is second to none.  Carbon shaft technology has simply dominated the game in the past few years and many of the bigger manufacturers quickly jumped on the bandwagon and produced shafts that had trouble with snapping and errant shots due to flimsy torque properties.  The Epoch Dragonfly Integra 2 line is a high-end carbon option that can take the punishment and shot speeds of bigger players - but won’t break the bank.   Integra 2 Shaft   There are three specific Integra 2 shafts being released on the success of the original line this year.  The “C” stands for their most popular traditional shape – oval with edges not too sharp.  The number “30” stands for the length of the shaft - 30” is attack and 60” is defense. The “IQ” number is the flex rating.  The lower the number - the stiffer the shaft.  For you middle school guys we recommend the softer iQ9, as it will load up and shoot faster for you.  For guys shooting over 80 MPH we would like to see you in the stiffer iQ5 series as you will overpower the carbon flex on the softer iQ5.  

Epoch Dragonfly Integra 2 Lacrosse Shaft Breakdown:

Integra-2-c30   Integra 2 C30 iQ5 – Stiffer attack shaft  $100   Integra 2 C30 iQ9 – Softer middle school and advanded youth  $100   integra-2-c60   Integra 2 C60 iQ8 – Softer defense shaft perfect for advancing defensemen – lightweight  $130   All of the  Epoch Dragonfly Integra 2 shafts are impressively light weight and pack in all the benefits of carbon technology.  To see a video on the difference between metal and carbon shaft technology click here.   You can learn more about the the new Epoch Dragonfly 8 shafts at   Other blogs and videos you might be interested in: Video: Overview of the new Maverik Kinetik lacrosse head Video:  Will my lacrosse head fit on any lacrosse shaft? Video: The difference between composite and metal lacrosse shafts Video: The difference between hard and soft lacrosse mesh Video: When to buy a new lacrosse head     To Learn More About Lacrosse and Receive Exclusive Deals, Enter Our Mailing List: offers a wide variety of men’s and women’s lacrosse gear for every players ability. If you have any questions about what might be right for you or your player, feel free to give our Pro’s a call at 855-255-5294. We will be able to tell you what we think is right based on your age, ability and position. Also, be sure to download the FREE mobile app. We push our most amazing deals there and you will also gain access to the newest gear as soon as it hits the market. See you on the fields! The Pro Staff 855.255.5294 Where Players Get Their Gear Free Shipping On All Orders Over $50 Lowest Prices - Guaranteed