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The Difference Between Hard & Soft Lacrosse Mesh

August 26, 2016

Mesh is one of the most trending topics in the lacrosse world and also makes the game unique offering players the ability to create their own custom pocket. Before current companies such as Stringking, East Coast Dyes, and Thorne of String began researching and creating high performance mesh there was limited styles of mesh. This video breaks down the difference between the core mesh types: hard & soft mesh. Both mesh’s are a great option for players, but there are advantages based on the style of play and end goal of the pocket. Here is a quick breakdown if you are curious about which mesh to choose.


Hard Mesh



– Ball sits in one spot of the stick and generally does not rattle.

– Has a better life expectancy in rain.

– Pockets shape will stay consistent and have a longer life span.




– Harder to string with because of how rigid the mesh is.

– Less ball feel as player cradles.

– Longer time breaking in the pocket due to the mesh being hard.


Soft Mesh



– Game ready as soon as the head is strung, there is no break in time needed.

– Players have better feel of where the ball is in the stick with soft mesh.

– Soft mesh is easier to string then hard mesh.




– The mesh will loose its shape and begin to bag out over time.

– When it rains the mesh fills with water in the rain making the stick harder to throw.

– Soft mesh requires maintenance to keep its pocket because it can shift or snap very easily.


Not sure which mesh you should pick? Feel free to call up one of our Pros for more insight. Not sure how to string your head? Call a Pro Stringer to get your next Premiere pocket at 855-255-5294.