STRINGKING Type 4 Custom Pocket


STRINGKING Type 4 Custom Pocket

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STRINGKING Type 4 Mesh Custom Stringing - For A Men's Lacrosse Head - Our Custom Stringing Is Legendary!


Product Details

  • Custom Stringing Requires Additional Time -  We want to make sure it's perfect so it can take up to 2/4 business days after the order is placed, before it ships 
  • Lacrosse Head Not Included - You have to order an unstrung lacrosse head with this product.  Both, an unstrung lacrosse head and this item must be in your cart.  Your unstrung head will come custom strung based on the specifications you choose for this product in your cart 
  • Need It Fast - Add Rush Stringing to your order


StringKing Type 4 mesh is designed with, Tri-Twist which weaves the mesh tighter than any previous elite level mesh. This mesh increases hold, ball feel and control for players that want to feel a bit of a bag while cradling but want non-stretch performance while letting shots rip. Type 4 lacrosse mesh is responsive and has a slightly elastic feeling with a thinner construction on the outer rails. This centers the ball in the sweet spot and gives advanced players all the added control and feel they demand. Type 4 will improve shot speed and consistency with its tighter weave. StringKing Type 4 is the thinnest and lightest lacrosse mesh in the history of StringKing's high end mesh. Try a piece of this high performing mesh and elevate your game like the best of the best. 

There are three types of types of 4 Mesh:
4F is for face-off -  Weighing in at only 14 grams, 4F Mesh is one of the lightest pieces of mesh on the market. If you are a face-off specialist looking for the highest performing mesh in its weight class, the StringKing Type 4F Performance Lacrosse Mesh is for you.
4S is semi-soft - provides a semi-soft pocket for players wanting a more responsive feel
4X is semi-hard - offers a Semi-Hard pocket option creating a firmer pocket with a smooth release