Nike Lakota 2 Pro Review

Nov 8, 2017
The Nike Lakota 2 boasts new sidewall and face shape upgrades to the most popular advanced youth and high school offensive head in the game. We still have this at the top of the list for those middle school and varsity players that are looking for versatile, two way play and an awesome shooting and ground ball platform.   Nike Lakota 2 lacrosse head   The Lakota 2 has almost the same face shape as before except the scoop is tiny bit more defined for easier ground balls. The Lakota 2 has been widely acclaimed as a ball-handlers head because of the narrower shape towards the throat. This head simply begs for a true mid-pocket setup which allows for a quick and easy release, coupled with great shot power and accuracy. Nike reinforced the sidewalls and moved the braces up a bit so that the most strength is focused at the flare in the pocket. This allows you to really string it tight across the top of the channel and maximize shot speed.   The Lakota 2 also has sidewall holes that are specifically angled to help stringers lock the mesh down properly to the sidewalls. The six top string hole configuration remains the same and our PROS here at were very impressed with the results of stringing up a piece of ECD VORTEX semi-soft for ball handlers and feeders and then loved the shooting power and hold with ECD Hero 2.0 semi-soft.   We also love the Lakota 2 for those kids just starting to specialize at Long Stick Middie. LSM players need to put a little offense in their defense and this head can do all of that. Wing play on the face-offs, shots from a long pole, the Lakota 2 is a durable and reliable offensive platform that has no trouble on the other end of the field as well for aggressive minded players.   The Nike Lakota 2 made’s TOP MIDDIE HEADS OF 2018 You can check out the rest of the best and don’t forget that our stringers here at are widely recognized as the best in the business. Trusted by the top high school and collegiate players in the nation. So get one dialed up and game ready and see the difference a professional string job can make in you game.   To Learn More About Lacrosse and Receive Exclusive Deals, Enter Our Mailing List:
  See you on the fields! The Pro Staff 855-255-5294 Where Players Get Their Gear Free Shipping On All Orders Over $50 Lowest Prices - Guaranteed   Other blogs you might be interested in:   The difference between hard and soft lacrosse mesh The difference between composite and metal lacrosse shafts When to buy a new lacrosse head

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