East Coast Dyes Vortex Semi-Soft Lacrosse Mesh

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Regular Price: $34.99

Special Price: $24.99


ECD Vortex mesh is a distinct new hybrid technology that uses 2 ( yes TWO !! ) sizes of diamonds to offer a ball hugging feel that releases straight up the channel with amazing feel and control.  Leave it to Greg and the rest of the ECD gang to revolutionize the mesh market once again !!  We string this up in a new Mirage and a few top sellers and the results were really amazing.  It feels like you are using a grip mesh until you go to shoot.. and then the ball jsut rockets out without all the whip and down force you would need to create a pocket like that.


The semi soft vortex grabs the ball in mid pocket configurations like no other.  Deep, bagged out control for guys who like to run the lines and shoot from the alleys.  The semi hard has a quicker release and much of the same bagged out feel...  buy is better for step down shooter who really want to pile on the heat.  The new ECD Vortex mesh is made with their Weatherproof LTH fibers that are extremely lightweight and durable.  Check out the sweet spot created with this stuff and you will appreciate the ingenuity of double diamond sizing and the control it brings to your game!  To learn more about this revolutionary new Vortex hybrid mesh take a look at our blog post. 



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East Coast Dyes Vortex Lacrosse Semi-Soft Hybrid mesh is designed for modern game lacrosse players. This mesh features two diamond structures that creates a Sweet Spot in the pocket that gives an unparalleled level of control and feel.