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East Coast Dyes
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The new Maverik A1 men's lacrosse shaft is lighter, faster and stronger than its predecessor. The A1 is made with Scandium alloy, and has a thinner wall thickness for an unbelievable lightweight feel.
The all new Nike Vapor Carbon shaft is a sleek new addition to the carbon fiber lacrosse shaft revolution. These shafts weigh in at a very low 5 oz. and have a slightly gritty carbon texture grip. Five different color combinations complete the package and allow the little guys to sport their team colors. So the big secret with most of these shafts is that most smaller player can not flex a carbon shaft enough to get the extra shot MPH that is so frequently advertised. Nike took a different route and made these shafts light enough to benefit the younger players, allowing to really grow their game and improve.VIDEO: LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CARBON andamp; METAL LACROSSE SHAFTS
The new STX Cell 4 arm pads are worn by the elite collegiate middies and D Poles in the nation for the hinge free padding and non slip arm sleeve. These pads haven't changed much since their introduction several years back, but they remain perennial best sellers year in and year out! Many of the elite level middies were switching over to elbow pads and smaller defensive pads but were coming home battered. Many of these guys are switching back as a result.When trying these one, you immediately note the comfort of the full length Lycra sleeve. These pads breathe well and there is a silicone tape section inside the sleeve that keeps it from riding up and down your arm. The Cell 4 arm pads also have their signature wide strap Velcro adjustments and exterior ventilation portals. These pads are also engineered 25% lighter than the Cell 3 arm pads with a new foam padding technology.The story here is really all about comfort, range of motion and the "soft feel" that all of the Cell padding lines are known for. The STX Cell 4 arm pads are top of the line pads that are on most every field from advanced youth to college.
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