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Hot Bed Lacrosse
Hot Bed Lacrosse Backyard Goal - Net & Frame Included<p>*This Item may be excluded from Free Shipping due to size or wieght*</p>
Take the game anywhere. There is nothing worse than practicing without a crease. It throws off the timing and your goalie will be loving coach when he shows up with one of these.
$159.99 $149.99
The price point here is spot on. We sell tons of these nets becaues your high school superstar who thinks it fun to blow through corners in the back yard will be challenged by this STX durability. This is also the go to net for buyers in youth programs because they can get 3 seasons out of these nets while other fail. One step below a collegiate net and the best of the rest..... STX got this one right. There are other discount nets for sale online but we promise that if you don't go with a big 3 name brand.. you are just wasting your money. We know because we tried saving a buck and selling them and all we did was have to take them back after kids destroyed them in the first week. Don't get fooled by the big box or discount Amazon guys.. its all junk. We could carry those too, but they just rip. Stick wit Maverik, STX or Brine ..
Portable lacrosse crease that is super easy to set up and take down. Perfect for the practice field, gym or pop up game time realism. Durable construction and quality materials. Brine entered the portable crease game late, so they basically over engineerd this thing... meaning... lots of quality for not lots of price. Own the best... why not.. its Brine... you can trust them. A tiny bit pricier than other brands.. but this one is legit more durable and heavier.
Portable lacrosse creases are a must for keeping your goalies safe. Add realism to any field situation, anytime... anywhere. These are a must have for most youth programs and camps.