Alpha A-Series Stiff Flex Lacrosse Shafts

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Alpha lacrosse shafts have a higher end following among advanced youth and high school players. The A series is the most technologically advanced of their line and offer a lightweight and flex pattern that does not twist.  This lack of rotation provides better accuracy and torque and keeps the shots on cage.  The shape of this shaft is more "oval" than traditional carbon shafts with sharper edges.  Our guys really like the shoot on the run handling of this shape as it naturally forces your hands into proper alignment when you get your hands free on the run.  Try an A-series if you are looking for that extra pop and whip in your shots as well as looking for a smooth oval feel on the shaft.


Flex 3 is designed for this players shooting over 85 MPH.  If you shoot under 85 MPH the MId Flex model is a better option for you.

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Alpha A-Series Stiff Flex Lacrosse Shafts


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Flex = 3/10

Strength = 8/10


Signature Sandy Grip

When pride and glory are on the line, The Alpha Player requires a handle as resilient as his determination. Designed with the two-way Middie in mind, the Stiff Flex is as unforgiving as it is irresistible. By reducing flex throughout the shaft, the Stiff Flex allows Middies to drive and push without feeling the shaft bend or bow, delivering the stopping power all great Middies demand. Perfectly balanced flex throughout the shaft makes checks consistent and vicious; makes GB’s effortless and unquestioned; and makes time and rooms a goalies worst nightmare. Uncompromising, consistent, tough, all hallmarks of a great two-way middie, and implemented in the design of this next generation handle.


Recommended Position: Middie/Attack

Weight (oz): 2.0

Recommended Skill Level: High School/ Collegiate