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The new Brine King Elite goalie lacrosse gloves are re-engineered based on the best selling success of the King 4 glove series that simply dominated college lacrosse for the past 2 seasons.  What players really like About the King Elites is the more roomy feel and protection offered.  These gloves are not the tiny, tight fitting style that bigger guys have trouble getting on their hands.  The King Elite gloves are an awesome choice for goalies that simply want more protection without sacrificing mobility.


Slip these on and the first thing you will notice is the supple soft feel of the glove.  The Ax-suade palm has been used in Brine gloves for years now simply because it is the best design in elite level palms.  These gloves feel broken in right out f the bag.  Brine developed a new back hand padding system that also has vents that stretch out between the pads for better ventilation.  Our PROS loved the beefed up thumb and especiall the way it wrapped over the top of the nail.


Priced at the higher end of the elite spectrum.. these are a true upper class elite level lacrosse glove for HS and collegiate players that simply want the best.  Advancing youth players that are stepping up their game and are looking for more protection will also love these best sellers as well.


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Brine King Elite Lacrosse Goalie Gloves