ECD CF5 Carbon Fiber Attack/Midfield Shaft Lacrosse Shafts

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The East Coast Dye CF5 carbon fiber attack/midifled lacrosse shaft is perfect for any player looking for carbon fiber technology and mid-flex.  Featuring East Coast Dyes new, optimized shape and their proprietary carbon fiber layup, the CF5 utilizes advanced manufacturing techniques for an ideal strength to weight ratio and a unique playing experience. And it is made with pride right here in the USA.   On ECD's 10-point flex scale; the CF5 is a Flex5 with a uniform Kick Point.

Our Pro's love the new shaft shape of the CF5 and the slightly textured feel.  This carbon fiber lacrosse shaft has a uniform flex and provides extra snap and feel on shots and passes.  Pair this up with the ECD Rebel Offense lacrosse head for one of the best attack set-ups in the game or purchase the ECD Mirage CF5 Elite complete lacrosse stick as a comparable set-up.


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ECD CF5 Carbon Fiber Shaft


  • Made in the USA

  • Ideal Strength to Weight Ratio

  • Optimized Shape

Tech Specs:

  • Flex 5

  • Uniform Kick Point 

  • 30" Weighs Only 143 Grams

  • Available Only in 30"

  • Optimized Shape for Increased Comfort, Control, and Strength