Elevate Sports 11th Man Defender Pro


Elevate Sports 11th Man Defender Pro

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LAX Pro Insights

The 11th man inflatable defender is the ultimate practice partner that allows you to emulate real game scenarios in practice.  Master screen shots, dodging, hitches, cuts, and picks without extra defenders. It can be used in almost any drill to make it more engaging and fun.  Highly portable with an easy set up it's perfect for at home training or team practices. Trusted by pros Kyle Harrison and Deemer Class


Includes: 11th Man Defender and battery pump.

Elevate 11th Man Defender - Simulate Real Game Situations With The Portable 11th Man

Product Details


•Allows players to realistically practice screen shots without hitting teammates

•Master dodges, setting picks in the 2 man game, and cuts.

•Highly portable fits in a small bag

•Ideal for at home training or team practices (get 2-4 for full practices)

•Lightweight at 30 lbs when full and inflates in 1 minute

11th Man Lacrosse Defender Setup