Epoch Dragonfly Elite Defense

$199.99 $164.99

Epoch Dragonfly Elite Defense

$199.99 $164.99
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Product Details

The Epoch Dragonfly Elite Defense carbon fiber lacrosse shaft is built for Defensive or LSM player.  Technology features include...

  • Epoch Dragonfly Elite Defense 2020
  • Advanced Carbon Layering (A.C.L.)
  • HD Resin
  • Surface Veil Technology 
  • Reload Technology

Which Epoch Shape is Best for you?

C60 – Traditional Concave Geometry. Most popular. 

E60 – Ergonomic Geometry. Ultimate Control.

X60 – Xtreme Concave Geometry. Exceptional Feel.

Which Epoch Flex is Best for me?

iQ2xl (C60xl ONLY): You’re a close defender who needs extra mass for checks and driving the opponent away from the net.

iQ3: You defend hard, throw precision checks, and look to get the ball up the field as quickly as possible.

iQ8: You consider yourself an aggressive LSM or offensive-minded defender who needs a shaft that is strong enough to defend the goal with a soft enough flex to push the ball in transition.