Flex Mesh Custom Stringing


Flex Mesh Custom Stringing

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Women's Custom Stringing - Flex Mesh by Laxpocket

*Notice* The New Improved Version Of Flex Mesh No Longer Contains The Plastic Beads As Pictured. We Will Update The Picture As Soon As Provided From Gait

Product Details

The new women's Flex Mesh pocket was developed by the Gait brothers and manufactured by Laxpocket. Our Pro's can't get over the consistent pocket shape and enhanced sweet spot that Flex Mesh offers. This mesh literally wraps up the ball for unmatched control and feel. The interconnected mesh and shooters of the pocket provide a deep but not "illegally deep" pocket that is used by some of the best D1 players in the game. When you have your head strung up with Flex Mesh you will leave the competition behind on ground balls and accuracy.  To see our complete selection of women's lacrosse heads click here

  • Add an unstrung head to your cart along with this option and it will come strung game ready 
  • Patented Preformed Technology:
  • Consistent pocket shape
  • All weather
  • Enhanced sweet spot
  • Super shock absorbing design
  • Wraps ball for unmatched control and feel