Greaser Gripper


Greaser Gripper

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The Greaser Gripper is the coolest new invention in lacrosse since the introduction of the plastic head. It will make your old, slippery lacrosse balls feel and play like new. No more throwing your greasers into the woods.
SIMPLE TO USE: Place the Greaser Gripper into the chuck of your power drill (not included). While spinning the ball, apply LIGHT pressure with the abrasive pad as you move the pad back and forth. Each ball can be resurfaced many times. The abrasive pad will resurface 50-100 balls before it needs to be replaced. 

PRACTICE WALL BALL w/ grippy balls when playing on a lacrosse bounce back to simulate the feel of a game ball. Cheaper than buying greaseless lacrosse balls or bucket-type ball-scratchers. 

GREAT GIFT idea for coaches, players and parents: 

  • Grip Your Balls! Re-grips greasy, slippery lacrosse balls in seconds
  • Save money on new balls 
  • Fits any drill
  • Includes 1 drill attachment and 1 abrasive pad
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA
Don't let loose-fitting clothing or hair come in contact with the rotating drill. The ball will get warm from the friction and can even get hot if you squeeze the ball too hard. Parents supervision is advised.