Maverik Charger GL Lacrosse Gloves

Free with 325 LAX POINTS

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Special Price: $24.99

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Regular Price: $29.99

Special Price: $24.99


The best beginner lacrosse lacrosse gloves from big time manufacturer Maverik Lacrosse boast one of the best palms in the game for new players.... they can really feel the stick through the glove. This is the most important piece of of the glove along with the backhand padding. Maverik even extended the writ cuff a bit here for the little guys for added protection.. You can't go wrong with these quality starter lacrosse gloves from Maverik.



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Maverik Charger GL

Glove Sizing Guide

XS - Recommend for children under the age of 6 - under 70lbs - 9" glove included
Small - Recommend for children ages 6-8 - 71-90lbs - 10" glove included
Medium - Recommend for children ages 9-13 - 91-140lbs - 12" glove included
Large - Recommend for children ages 10 - 15 - 141+lbs - 13" glove included