Maverik Havok with Hypercore Defense Complete Stick


Maverik Havok with Hypercore Defense Complete Stick

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LAX Pro Insights Exclusive Men's Complete Lacrosse Stick! The Maverik Havok lacrosse head is for aggressive minded defensemen, long-stick midfielders and faceoff wing players looking to put a little offense in their play paired with the Hypercore defensive lightweight shaft provides ultimate performance in strength and weight. A favorite among our Pro's. Check out our customizers, and our Premier Custom Stringing.  

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Product Details Exclusive! Two of our Pro's favorites paired together into one D-minded complete stick.

The Mavorik Havok has an aggressive scoop allowing for great ball control.  This lacrosse head is stiff enough to do some damage and light enough to prove a formidable weapon in the hands of those who wield a mean pole.  CJ Costabile uses the Maverik Havok and absolutely loves it.  

The Havok offers:

  • Ground Control Scoop for easy GB's
  • XRail Technology to distribute stress and maintain lightweight stiff structure
  • Level 4 Bottom Rail for a Mid-High Pocket
  • Duratough All Weather material for ultimate stiffness is all conditions

The Maverik Hypercore Lacrosse Defense shaft is a welcome addition to the Maverik Carbon shaft family.   Made from a Carbon Composite, this lightweight shaft provides ultimate performance in strength and weight. This lacrosse shaft features

  • I-Beam Carbon Core technology, with zero flex when shooting, which provides unrivaled accuracy.
  • Our Pro's love the lightweight, traditional shape, and matte finish. 
  • Maverik signature ABE (Adjustable Butt-End).
  • Tested by our Pro's and it didn't flex when they took a shot.
  • Perfect for rising players all the way through college.