Maverik Kastle Team Bag Lacrosse Bags

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We are surprised that Maverik does not charge more for this bag. The interir pockets and features hold and organize everything. Really nice ergonomic shoulder strap put the weight where it should be and not brushing on your hip. Five start design and value here.


This is the top choice bag for teams that Maverik sponsors as well on the collegiate level.  As such, we sell tons of these to high school programs that want a no-nonsense player's bag with lots of pockets... but not all roomy and floppy.  These are the perfect size to fit it all, plus a little extra, but it doesn't feel like you are lugging the kitchen sink around.

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Brand spankin new out of MAVERIK R&D, this is the top of the line equipment bag has everything the elite player needs.

New Top zip venting - entire top compartment opens for airing out your gear.

Superior design keeps equipment in and lets the odor out.

Multiple compartments to keep your gear organized for easy access to your arsenal.

DIMENSIONS: 14 x 44 x 14