Maverik M3 Goalie Lacrosse Gloves

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So the deal here is that the fit of these goalie gloves are a little roomier than the trademark Maverik tight fitting offensive gloves. This give more mobility and actually adds some protection as there is a slight looseness to absorb impact. We think this is also one of Maverik's best goalie thumbs ever. The top end is reinforced all the way down to the cuff to try and prevent hyper-extension. The cuff floats well and gives advanced goalies the flexibility necessary to get after those close shots as well as control clears better.  If you have questions about the size and fit of lacrosse gloves visit our glove sizing chart and guide

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New Maverik M3 glove.

Made for the player that demands high end performance in every aspect.

Built on a more traditional fit profile with some additional volume in the back of hand compared to other MAVERIK gloves.

Maveriks 37.5 technology liner allows for faster evaportion of heat and sweat from within the glove.

Ax suede provides a durable soft and natural feel.

The INHALER mesh palm allowed for more airflow through the palm, eliminating sweat and slippage.

FLOWCOOL venting on the back of the hand allows heat to disburse.

Adjustable cuff design allows the player to customize fit and comfort.

Torqueloc thumb provides ultimate protection from hyper extension.


You can print out our LACROSSE GLOVE SIZING CHART here to get a good idea what size is best.