Maverik Optik 3 Pre-Strung with ECD Hero 3 Mesh


Maverik Optik 3 Pre-Strung with ECD Hero 3 Mesh

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LAX Pro Insights Exclusive! Maverik Optik 2.0 Pro Strung With ECD Hero 3.0 Storm Semi-Soft Lacrosse Mesh

Product Details

LAX.COM EXCLUSIVE PRO STRUNG LACROSSE HEAD! The Maverik Optik 2.0 lacrosse head is one of our Pro's favorite offensive heads. It was designed for the elite attackman and is used by one of the best dodging attackman, Jordan Wolf, who plays in the PLL for Chrome. This head is strung up by our Pro’s with ECD Semi-Soft Hero 3.0 Storm Mesh and is guaranteed to simply rip.  We string up heads for elite players ranging from top-flight high school programs up to the college ranks and even some PLL guys.   

  • Two strut design, which makes this the lightest head in the Maverik lineup, less than 5 oz. 

  • Designed with X-Rail technology that distributes stress which also enhances its lightweight, stiff design. 

  • Designed with an optimal release point which increases ball control with added hold. 

  • TENSION LOCK enables stringers to create a defined shooting channel for increased accuracy. 

  • Made of Duratough material providing stiffness and consistency in all weather conditions. 

  • Level Two bottom rail is designed for a low to mid-level pocket which provides for a quick and accurate release.

  • Made in the USA