Maverik Tactik with 6000 Combo

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The Maverik Tactik is actually a high end collegiate attack head, that when strung for youth players, gives the hard to find combination of amazing pocket hold and quick release. Younger players need that ball to get sucked into the sweet spot quickly and held down for running the field and maintaining control.  Then they also need a quick release that wont throw the ball into the ground when they need to shoot or pass.  Our pro stringers here at dialed these with a special Dry mesh that will be game ready right out of the box.  


We paired this amazing head with a no frills shaft that won't break the bank for new players and first and second year youth guys.  Basically you are getting a top of the line head, with an awesome stringing job, and a shaft that is appropriate for younger players.  Upgrading after year one is simple if you feel the need to go stronger and lighter on the shaft !!


The is a great step up from that big box starter set stick with the tennis raquet pocket !!!  You will see the difference right away in your son's ability to shoot, catch and play with this combo.

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Maverik Tactik a Blank Alloy Handle. Great stick for those beginner to intermediate players looking for a Primeire Head at a discounted price.