Nike Arise LT Womens Lacrosse Sticks

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This Nike Arise LT complete stick is designed for that advanced youth women's lacrosse player. This stick delivers superior quality and great pocket technology. If your player is advancing and is started to catch and throw this stick is a great option for her. he Nike Arise LT complete lacrosse stick is designed for the intermediate midfielder looking for control and accuracy. When learning to catch and throw at a more advance level they need the pocket technology that will allow them to advance their game. Nike delivers that package in an affordable, yet advanced stick that is the step between starter stick and JV aged players. This stick includes a lightweight AL6000 handle and minimal sidewall height to protect the ball and absorb passes more easily.

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-minimum sidewall height which creates the deepest legal pocket for enhanced control.

-raised ball stop height is for added ball protection

- included- AL6000 handle offers lightweight durability