Nike Vapor Elite

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The Nike Vapor elite shaft line is super high end and lightweight. Like the rest of the Vapor line... no frills and simple graphics let the technology do the talking. This shaft feels so light its like an ICE but stronger. The Vapors are climbing the best sellers list fast for their loyal following of advanced attackman and middies that want light weight versatility and performance at a beter price point than high end competitors.

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Nike Vapor Elite


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The newest member of the Vapor family, this shaft is built to withstand constant use at an elite level of play.

This shaft sports a pinched octagon shape and a mild sand blasted finish, allowing for superior comfort and feel.

The Scandium alloy metal used to forge this shaft allows for extreme light weight and stand up toughness.

Weight (oz): 5.7

Recommended Level of Play: Youth, High School/Collegiate

Recommended Positional Use: Midfield/Attack

Shaft Finish:Mild Sandblast