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Be. The. X-Factor - The Real Rep Pro face off machine was designed to optimize your ability to dominate at the X. This machine actually holds a lacrosse head and lets you practice your face-off skills with simulated spinning against variable forces. Put your opponents at a disadvantage by sharpening your FOGO skills using this Real Rep Pro face-off machine.


This product is expected to ship from X-Factor Mid-December.

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Real-Rep Pro Lacrosse Face-Off Machine Training Device

9 All Terrain X-Lock Cleats, 1 Base, 1 Head Attachment, 1 Rotation Arm, 3 X-Factor Branded Bands, Made of 3″x3″ Angle Iron Steel

In the attempt to simulate the face-off as closely as possible, the Sim-Spin™ was developed to get the player as close to the opposing head as possible. This allows the specialist to finely tune his trade with lifelike forces and motion. This design aspect places the point of rotation in the same spot the opposing players top hand would be located.  The result…the most accurately Simulated Spinning mechanic on the market.

Tri-Beam Design
When designing the base of the X-Pro Face-Off one major concern was the ability to move around the machine after winning the draw.
By designing the base into a triangular shape, it allows for over 270° of rotation. Accompanied by the ability to win the ball out the front to yourself given by the clearance of the base or reverse exit to yourself to get the ball to your defense.

X-Lock Cleats
Making a product for any surface was an important aspect of design. In order to overcome this obstacle, the X-Lock Cleat was developed. The “X” shape was created to lock into both turf and grass to give the flexibility to practice anywhere.

Free-Fit Head
An important aspect of a Face-Off that needed to be addressed was the different heads used by multiple Face-Off men.  In order to cater to an ever changing world of Face-Offs and their equipment, this head holder was implemented to allow flexibility.

Variable Force
In an attempt to make a product that will appeal to every age and skill.  The variable forcing system was implemented to give players of all levels capable to use this product.