StringKing Grizzly 1x String Kit

$54.99 $49.99

StringKing Grizzly 1x String Kit

$54.99 $49.99
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StringKing Grizzly 1x String Kit

Product Details

The Grizzly 1X stringing kit is the ultimate rebound eater for all age groups. We strung this up in an Eclipse and a Nemesis and the results were the same. Super light feel, perfect "give" on shots without bagging out. We were able to rip outlet passes and well as put some air under the ball for long range clears.

This kit comes with :

  • 3 goalie length shooters
  • 1 bottom lace
  • 2 shooting chords
  • 4 sidewall strings

StringKing is offering a 3 month durability guarentee on the mesh. BAsed on our experience with their other products we think Grizzly 1X will stand up under fire and proove a go to product for goalies that demand elite level pockets to play at their best.

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