Stringking Type W Mesh Kit


Stringking Type W Mesh Kit

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Stringking Type W Mesh Kit

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Stringking Type W women lacrosse mesh features all-weather performance, no bagging, and a construction designed to maximize control and consistency. The bottom part of the mesh is fused, so it's still soft but naturally forces the ball up towards the scoop of the head for a mid / high pocket that offers a lightning release. No leathers or fancy sidewalls are necessary here. The angled shape of the design strings up easily and in the hands of a professional stringer, this will come out game ready with very little break-in time. The mesh game is revolutionizing the way women play the game. More handle, more control and more power. This is also the lightest pocket in womens lacrosse. You can buy this mesh alread strung in a Stringking Legend W head or as part of a Stringking Complete W stick.. it's the lightest in the game.

The Mesh kit comes with all the collegiate quality sidewall strings and top strings needed to string the Type W in a womens head.


KIt Comes with 

  • 4 Sidewall Strings
  • 2 Shooting Cords
  • 1 Piece of Mesh


- Semi-soft
- 23 grams