Stringking Womens Mark 2 Offense Women's Lacrosse Heads

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The StringKing Women's Mark 2 Offense lacrosse head features an aggressive offset and tighter face shape, which helps to create a more focused pocket for better ball control and faster shots.  Our Pro's love the lightweight feel of this women's lacrosse head.  They also like the aggressive sidewall design and tighter face shape which gives players even more control and better feel with the ball in their stick.  The sidewall profile helps create a more focused high pocket, designed for offense, which loads the ball in the sweet spot for faster and more accurate shots.


You can purchase the StringKing Women's Mark 2 offense lacrosse head unstrung and have it custom strung by our Pros with any type of pocket.  Or purchase the pre-strung version, which was strung up by the Pro's at StringKing.  The pre-strung version comes with a high pocket and is strung with StringKing Women's Type W 4 lacrosse mesh.  Pair this up with on of the new StringKing women's lacrosse shafts and you will have one of the best offensive set-ups in the game.



This lacrosse head DOES NOT fit on a 10 degree lacrosse shaft.


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StringKing Womens Mark 2 Offense unstrung or strung with a high pocket and Type 4 mesh.