STX Cell 100 Lacrosse Gloves

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These are the highest quality beginner lacrosse gloves on the market. STX packed a huge amount of technology into these gloves and there is no way they are making money on them at this price.. they just want kids to get out on the fields in STX... smart. We really loved the flexibility and palm of these gloves. It simply makes it easier for newer players to learn to catch and cradle and handle the ball. The cuff offered awesome protection and the material here is durable enough to get passed down to little brother or the neighbor's kid. An awesome value here from STX for the coming season.  If you have questions about the size and fit of lacrosse gloves visit our glove sizing chart and guide


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New STX Cell 100 lacrosse gloves.

Light weight construction and robust polyester exterior improve glove fit .

Adjustable lace fastened cuff provides secure fit.


You can print out our LACROSSE GLOVE SIZING CHART here to get a good idea what size is best.