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The STX Cell3 lacrosse glove is on its third year of high school dominance.  This glove is the latest edition of the best selling padding line of all time... the STX CELL series.  What makes these so popular??  Quality, price, fit and feel...  simple.


You will be hard pressed to find a better palm in all of lacrosse.  The feel on the stick combined with the soft back hand and wrist roll are legendary.  The material used in the cell is lightweight but durable enough to pass down for years to come.  Coming in at only $130, the Cell 3 breaks the back of competitors higher priced gloves with all the bells and whistles that elite level players demand.


We have also found that advancing youth players are trading up out of their beginner gloves into the Cell 3 line.  These glove break in almost instantaneously and younger players are getting the added protection they need as they grow up.  Slip a pair on and know why theses are a top seller nationwide.  If you have questions about the size and fit of lacrosse gloves visit our glove sizing chart and guide.


This glove was picked by our Pro's as one of the five best lacrosse gloves for advancing youth players. 


The Cell 3 glove is the latest generation of the most popular selling line from STX of all time. We take a closer look in our video review HERE!

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STX Cell 3 Lacrosse Gloves


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- Dual-density foam throughout the glove offering superior protection in all key areas.
- New Stretch-Thumb technology provides improved thumb flexibility and rotation.
- Seamless vents on palm improves airflow, keeping hands cool and dry.
- Durable full Nash palm offers superior grip and stick feel.


You can print out our LACROSSE GLOVE SIZING CHART here to get a good idea what size is best.