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The Cell 2 arm pad line had dominated the middle market for years now. Why?? These are priced unbelievably well and offer the highest quality materials found in their premier padding lines. You will see these pads on top high school players all over the nation. The micro mesh inside keeps the pads from slipping and Blox technology adds to the range of motion and durability of the pad. We rate these on the top of the value and protection spectrum.


These are a favorite among our big time box lacrosse players gear !!

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Take your box game to the next level with the STX cell X Arm Guards.

Beefed up version of the Cell 2 arm guard designed specifically for box lacrosse.

Strategically placed light weight foam and hard plastic delivers flexible protection that players look for.

Hard plastic is layered with super soft foam liner to provide players with a great balance of comfort and protection.