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The new STX Crux 600 is far and away the best womens lacrosse stick on the market for the coming season. STX womens sticks have simply dominated the high end for high school and collegiate lacrosse for the past 5 seasons since they introduced their 10 Degree Technology. The big deal this year is the introduction of a new and improved Launch Pocket.  Basically they made a more flexible sweet spot high in the pocket that is a bit more flexible than the old design.  The Crux 600 also boasts a new technology called Drop Rail that made the sidewall a bit skinnier but lowered the depth of the pocket at the sweet spot again.  So now you have a softer and deeper pocket right up towards the top of the stick that really gives you the best ball control and quickest release in the game.  Learn more about what our Pro's had to say by reading our blog post.  

STX also re-engineered the Comp10 handle for a bit lighter feel.  The shaft has an oval shape and is coated with a slightly tacky rubberized film that many players prefer.  This Comp10 handle offers a massive advantage over straight handle technology for advancing players.  If you want more information click here to SEE WHY 10 DEGREE TECHNOLOGY GIVES PLAYERS THE EDGE.


So why upgrade from the older Crux 500? Deeper pocket, softer feel, more flexible re-engineered pocket runner, updated Comp10 handle and improved scoop.  Basically the new Crux 600 is a serious refinement to the best seller of all time.  Make no mistake.. you will find this stick in the hands of the best women's collegiate lacrosse players in the nation right when it releases.  If you are looking for a summer ball game stick for the recruiting circuit, or for a playoff  game and you want you stick to give you that bit of extra edge and confidence and shot speed... then look no further.  The STX Crux 600 is the next line of elite class best women's lacrosse stick series on the market... period.. end of story. 



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STX Crux 600 Complete Stick Womens Lacrosse Sticks


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Stx Crux 600 Complete Womens Lacrosse Stick -

Crux 600 Head -
New DropRail technology featues a minimized sidewall design that drives the ball to the sweet spot for maximum control and hold
Speed Scoop protects top string during gound ball pick up
STX-exclusive 10 degree technology naturally drives the ball to the sweet spot
New Launch II pocket features targeted flex at the sweet spot
Meets USL specifications
Crux 600 Handle features -
Redesigned 10 degree Flare for a seamless head to handle connetion
Built in End Cap with soft edge for added control
Comp10 handle included