Stx Hammer 500 Enduraform Lacrosse Heads

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The STX Hammer 500 EnduraForm is an updated version of one of the best defensive lacrosse head of all time. So rather than try and play around too much with the deisgn of the STX Hammer 500, STX built up the technology that goes into the head. Starting back with their famous All Climate Performance technology, STX has always been ahead of the game when it comes to building durable heads. The next step in their evolution for maximum durability is EnduraForm.


According to their research, heads with EnduraForm have up to 25% added stiffness.This is perfect for any defenseman who is looking for a super stiff head. When you are throwing checks using your STX Hammer 500 EnduraForm, attackmen will remember you after the final whistle.



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The new STX Hammer 500 EnduraForm Head has some awesome new features!

EnduraForm- STX's newest advancement in technology to help handle extremem weather climates
Speed Scoop-  Minimizes drag allowing the ball to get settled into the pocket more quickly
C-Channel Technology- Provides extra strength to already strong head, making it even more durable
Three-Strut Design- Makes the head stiffer as well as more durable, something every defenseman is looking for
Strike Plate- Increases impact area on the sidewall so attackman really feel the checks you throw