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The new STX Stallion 500 Arm Pads will be worn by the best collegiate midfielders and defenseman in the country this year... why ?? It's that same low profile, high definition padding made famuous by the Stallion HD series that STX carried over to these new pads with a couple important upgrades.  The first is a new infusion of neoprene into the cuff og the sleeve.  This really holds the pad in place with maximum comfort and flexibility.  It doesn't matter how hot or sweaty you get..  these pads stay put !!  Learn more from this blog past as to why these pads have been rated by our Pro's as one of the best lacrosse arm pads for 2018


Secondly, is a lower full 360 wrapping that locks the forearm pad down to your preferred tightness.  This simple change is revolutionary because other pads simply attach these types of straps to the ends of the pad and expect the padding itself to wrap around and mold to your shape.  STX took this one step further and is now using the force of the strap itself to mold the padding to the proper tightness and shape of your are... the result is that you can wear these with no slippage and barely know they are there.   Just look at what the best collegiate middies in the nation wore during fall ball this season... and the proof is right there !!  STX simply dominates the high end, low definition padding market for collegiate and high school players.  

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Stx Stallion 500 Lacrosse Arm Pads