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The all new STX Stallion 500 elbow pads are specifically designed for elite level collegiate and high school defense-man who demand the best low definition padding in the market and superior fit, finish and feel. As the trend in padding is "it's cool to be smaller" has gone... most top level guys will tell you that's great... but you had better give me something that protects me when I am hustling that ground ball or rushing a clear. Let's face it, after you are chopping wood on your attack-man all day and he gets the chance for some payback.. you better believe he's gonna make it count... and you better be ready... and a lot of those guys aren't that small any more.  Learn more from this blog past as to why these pads have been rated by our Pro's as one of the best lacrosse arm pads for 2018


So the big D poles really wear pads that will allow them maximum mobility and comfort, but still keep them on the field after absorbing some one handed Tomahawks.  Just look at what the real guys wear on the TV on Saturday and it will be clear...  the STX pads dominate the upper end where performance and protection are the name of the game.  These are priced really, really well.. so you might as well just spend the extra $5 and get what the best guys use and a name that is synonymous with national champions. 

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Stx Stallion 500 Lacrosse Defensive Elbow Pads