STX Ultra Power


STX Ultra Power

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LAX Pro Insights

STX began doing research into the sport of Jai Alai. STX started to study this sport and really look into the mechanics of the "cesta" which is the main piece of equipment for this ancient sport. Before landing upon the STX Ultra Power design, STX went through dozens of their own designs trying to mimic the cesta. After years of research STX finally perfected the design with their new Power Ramp design. This helps improve shot speed and consistency, helping you add the speed to your shot that you practice every day for. STX applied some of their most popular features from their other heads. They included Enduraform Technology, their Speed Scoop Technology, as well as their Channel Lock Design.

Product Details

The STX Ultra Power lacrosse head is what every offensive player needs to ramp up their shot speed.  The STX Ultra Power lacrosse head is the most powerful head that STX has ever produced. 

  • Power Ramp technology for increased speed and consistency
  • EnduraForm for improved toughness 
  • Speed Scoop for better groundball play
  • Channel Lock for better control and pocket shape

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