UA Elevate Lacrosse Gloves

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These beginner lacrosse gloves from Under Amour are the perfect price and quality for players who are willing to spend $20 more than a standard starter glove because they want the upgraded fit and feel of better technology and materials. These UA Elevates, have a really nice palm and any your coach wort their salt will tell you that next to player's pocket and stick selection, the gloves are the next most important piece of equipment. Why ?? Because the point of contact and mobility offered will allow newer players to develop faster and get their skills up to speed without being hindered by bulky padding. We also love these gloves as the step up from starter gloves for players that have been on the field for a few years in starter gloves. They will notice a huge difference in their play when they put on these gloves !!

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Under Armour Elevate Lacrosse Gloves