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The Under Armour UA Emissary complete lacrosse stick is one of the lightest sticks on the market.  Our Pro's can't get over how light this lacrosse stick is.  They love the thin feel of the Procomp small diameter lacrosse shaft and the Emissary lacrosse head that is strung with the New Rail Elite Pocket.  


Our Pro's love the narrow shilhouette of the UA Emmissary lacrosse head because it allows for the most channeled front pocket.  The New Rail Elite Pocket allows for the pocket to taper to the scoop sooner than any other lacrosse head.  The New Rail Elite Pocket has pre-stretched leather and a curved cross lace design.  Updated with Cross Lace Technology this lacrosse head, strung with the New Rail Elite Pocket provides some of the best feel in the game.  The Flat Bottom Rail lowers the center of gravity while keeping the pocket shape flat for better catching.  The maximum raised stringing holes on the side of the lacrosse head provide a best in class pocket shape.  


Our Pro's took this out on the field to shoot and they could not believe how well the head held the ball in the pocket, and just how lightweight this complete lacrosse stick is.  They had great shot control and think that this is one of the best women's lacrosse complete sticks on the market for any attack or midi player that wants the best ball control and rip their shots.   


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 Emissary Complete Stick with Rail Elite Pocket

  • HS and NCAA Legal legal: YES