Warrior Evo AX1 Lacrosse Shafts

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The Warrior Evo AX1 lacrosse shaft is the baddest beast in the woods this year. Composite construction with minimal side to side movement means all of that loaded up power is transitioned forward and that means rope ripping shot speed. What the other guys don't telly you is that much of the advantage of composite load technology is sometimes wasted as the shaft flexes to the side. Warrior engineered the Evo AX1 with a slick grip and velvet touch finish so that the slight texture is strategically placed where you gloves usually hit the shaft. This is the most advanced composite on the market !!

The Evo AX1 added a cool new white option this year as well as the A-SYM Endo system.  This is a butt end unlike any other on the market where the angle matches your palm by tapering slightley down.  This allows your bottom hand to pull the shot through while the top hands push and create torque.  It seems a little gimmicky, but when our guys here tried it they loved the actions and feel of this butt end.


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Warrior Evo AX1 Lacrosse Shafts


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The new Warrior Evo AX1 me's lacrosse shaft.

The most advanced handle lacrosse has ever seen.

Composite construction, perfected for a decade in the NHL.

AXYSYM technology for maximum recoil with minimal effort.

Slick Grip provides strategic texture without unnecessary weight.

Velvet touch finish for premium feel and control.

Recommended Position: Attack/ Midfield
Weight (oz): 5.7
Recommended Skill Level: High School/ Collegiate