Warrior Regulator Hitman Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

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Ok - so we picked these up and righ away knew they would be a best seller... the feel "different." Basically this pad is more solid than others but has none of the bulk. The low density foam is combined with a hard capped over-the-shoulder piece and firm sternum plate. It feels like you can lower you shoulder on those tough runs to the cage or ground balls with confidence. These are not ultralight pads. The are low profile hard shell padding that has the optimal amount of soft mesh breaks to make them fully flexible and comfortable.

Maybe Rabil wishes he was wearing these too....maybe the best attack pad of the season. 


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Warrior Regulator Hitman Lacrosse Shoulder Pads


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Warrior Regulator Hitman shoulder pads.

New IMPAX molded foam technology provides outstanding impact absorption in key areas of the shoulder and chest to minimize the feel of the impact.

Bone protection in the shoulder for extra protection.

WARTECH liner keeps the player cool, dry and comfortable during competition.