Warrior Warp Jr. Instructional Beginner Stick

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The best starter stick in lacrosse is designed for the little guys ages 4-7 as that first lacrosse stick that is light years better than the starter sticks of the past. It is all about the Kevlar pocket that is called WARP.  You can leave it out in the rain, sun, cold ,hot whatever.. it throws the same every single time.  Players in the pros use the same technology for its consistency, but only recently has the manufacture made it affordable to all.. especially younger players... ( the PRO models cost upwards of $200 just for the head alone !! ) 


So Warrior stripped down the length and the weight... added WARP technology and made the head fatter for easier catching and cradling.  All at a price that is ideal for a kids first stick.  Many parents are getting these WARP Jr. sticks before their kids even start to play organized lacrosse.  Perfect for the back yard, beach, wall ball or a catch with dad.. these WARP Jr. sticks are the best in class and price for new lacrosse players. 

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Warrior Warp Jr. Instructional Beginner Lacrosse Stick. 37" Instructional Lacrosse Stick. Great for U-3-U6.