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These goalie throat guards are the most popular throat guards around. Cascades passion to protect really shows true not only in their helmets but their throat guards as well. Do not stand in front of the cage without one.
East Coast Dyes
The ECD 12D Hero Goalie mesh is an absolute rebound eater . We tested this stuff out in an Eclipse and a Nemesis 2 and it just gobbled up shots. What we really likes was the ability to deliver soft, bag out feel and also still have the ability to throw outlet passes with ease. We think this premiere goalie mesh is going to go over really well from collegiate right through advanced youth for its ability to bag but not stretch. Break-in time here is minimal and you will be really impressed with the durability and feel of this mesh. It feels and plays like you broke it in perfectly the very first time you use it .CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL PRO REVIEW ON ECD 12D MESH.CLICK HERE TO SEE THE TOP LACROSSE GOALIE STRINGING TIPS FROM OUR PROS
This lacrosse leg sleeve is the top choice for fogo's across the country.. Own the face-off and protect your knees. You will also see these on goalies from the youth to collegiate level. Non restrictive, super thin and flexible, these are the best choice for keeping the turf and grass burns down. Each pack has TWO sleeves in it ..
Stringking goalie mesh eats up the rebounds and clears with ease. This stuff is the most premium grade lacrosse goalie mesh on the market and for a few extra bucks why not own the best. Stays consistent and will last well even for elite players. Keep your game fresh. Learn more from our Pro's about the best lacrosse goalie gear for 2017. Also check out the Grizzly Goalie Mesh Review for more pics and details.
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Prefect for the lacrosse goalie that is just starting out. This is just goalie head only, this does not include the handle. If you run a youth program, this is the best head to get for your team goalies!