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The new StringKing Composite Pro is one of the best carbon lacrosse shafts for 2019. After dominating the stringing game for years, StringKing has jumped into the carbon composite shaft game. Stringking definitely knocked this out of the park. The new Composite Pro shafts are ultra stiff, which allows for one of the most consistent carbon shafts on the market. Besides being super consistent the added stiffness allows for increased impact resistance. One of our favorite things about StringKing shafts is the amount of screw holes that come pre-drilled in their shafts. Most other shafts come with 1 or 2 drill holes, while the Composite Pro comes with 5. The older and stronger that you are, we recommend getting a heavier version of this shaft.VIDEO: LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CARBON andamp; METAL LACROSSE SHAFTS
$119.99 - $219.99
East Coast Dyes
ECD went above and beyond for their redesign of the original ECD Carbon shaft. ECD is famous for always having gear that looks super fresh and clean no matter what. The Carbon 2.0 is no different. ECD uses a gloss finish for the Carbon 2.0 on top of the matte shaft. It is very subtle, but when the light catches, it really pops and looks amazing. To help with the look of the shaft, ECD is using a different paint which is longer lasting and will help keep the texture of the shaft for longer. Our Pros love the grip of this shaft, it uses a diamond texture grip and a new concaving shaft shape. This shape gives the player an unrivaled feel of the shaft and control when playing. Arguably the biggest improvement made for this shaft is the Impact+ Layup that ECD uses when building these shafts. The carbon fibers are sewn together in such a way that makes this shaft even more durable than the previous models, while still remaining super light weight.VIDEO: LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CARBON andamp; METAL LACROSSE SHAFTS
The Warrior Burn Pro Carbon attack shaft is one of the lightest and strongest on the market at only 125 grams. In stress tests and hit tests, the Burn Pro shaft frequently outperforms the other guys that claim to have the strongest on the market. These Burn Pro Carbon shafts are priced in-line with the other top dogs in carbon, but the big story here is how stiff the shaft is. The stiffness allows for one of the most consistent and accurate carbon shafts on the market. This is one of the few carbon shafts that is completely hollow, allowing you to fit any head onto the shaft.
$149.99 $139.99
The new STX Alliance 2D lacrosse shaft has been released and our Pros have started to use it in our warehouse when playing catch and shooting. The biggest draw here is the new Offset Technology. The STX Alliance 2D Offset Technology really allows you to get an awesome feel of the ball in the pocket, which in turn gives you tremendous ball control. The STX Alliance 2D was designed with a focus on having the best ball control and ball feel. Besides the Offset Technology, STX added a new shaft shape. STX took their Precision Profile shape and added an extra ridge profile to give you a level of control that is unmatched by any other shaft on the market at the moment. STX uses a custom VFT carbon wrap which gives players a a great feel of the shaft. Our Pros love the feel of this carbon wrap, as it gives the shaft a sand grit feel, which we think will be great no matter what the weather conditions are.
$139.99 $99.99
The Epoch Dragonfly line just keeps getting better. The Epoch Dragonfly Integra 3 was designed for more advanced players looking to maximize their athletic potential and take their game to the next level. The Epoch Dragonfly Integra 3 features the same technology you would expect from the Dragonfly name. One of the newest features for the Dragonfly line is the use of HD resin. This new resin, combined with Epoch's proprietary manufacturing process, allows Epoch to produce an even better Dragonfly with improved durability. The Epoch Dragonfly Integra 3 comes in a Charcoal Gray and is now available in multiple geometries. You can now choose from C30, E30, or X30 shapes and flex options of iQ5 and iQ9. See below for more details about shape and flex. Proudly made in the USA.
Nike's newly released Vapor Composite Defense lacrosse shaft is the one of the best values on our site for carbon composite shafts. There is little to no flex on the shaft, which is perfect for defensemen and LSMs. A stiff shaft will make sure that every check you throw, as well as every pass and shot, are super consistent. Nike has been making the Vapor carbon composite shaft in attack lengths and they are one the best sellers, we expect the defensive length to be more of the same.VIDEO: LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CARBON andamp; METAL LACROSSE SHAFTS
The STX Alliance XL carbon shaft is designed for players who like a fatter grip for better handling and control. Really, this STX Alliance XL grip is designed either for bigger players who still want the added shot power of carbon technology, or defensive short stick players that like the added beef and grip while cross checking and running guys down the alley. The STX Alliance XL is an upper level collegiate and high school level shaft that is used by some of the best defensive middies in the nation.
$119.99 $99.99
The new TRUE Comp 5 Flip is pure GENIUS offering two different carbon flexes in one handle . The White side is stiffer 6 flex and the black side is a softer 9 flex. This means you can put your head on either side and dial the thing in till you get the results you want .Carbon can be overpowered by stronger players and under-powered by younger players. This results in erratic shots instead of the intended accurate pop that carbon is supposed to deliver. These guys are owned by True Temper ( yea the same guys that make the best carbon golf shafts in the world ) so they know what they are doing with carbon.You gotts try this new Comp 5 Flip... no more guessing. Just zip on your favorite head and start firing away. Switch it up and see what the optimal shaft flex is for your game.. sooo easy. This is not a gimmick shaft.. its real deal carbon that TRUE turned into an amazing new twist on carbon technology.