The Best Lacrosse Arm Pads & Guards 2020

May 13, 2020

Here at we sell only the best protection, and that is especially true for the arm protection for the 2020 season. Before going over which is the best, we’re going to break down the different styles of protection, and what you need to be wearing to maximize your skills.

There are three different types of arm protection, arm guards, arm pads, and elbows pads/caps. Arm guards offer the most protection, elbow pads give you the best mobility, and arm pads a combination of both protection and mobility. If you are an attackman or middie who is consistently carrying the ball, the arm guard is designed with you in mind. The best arm guards offer high-level protection, while not completely inhibiting the freedom of motion. If you play defense or long stick midfielder, we suggest looking into elbow pads, as they give you the best range of motion, allowing you to throw precise checks. If you are a midfielder who plays both ways or wants more range of motion than what the arm guards provide, we suggest going with an arm pad.


Best Lacrosse Arm Guards For Attack

  • Maverik Rome Arm Guards

    The Maverik Rome’s are the top of the line arm guards, providing excellent protection using Maverik’s new E-Form Technology. The Free Flex Seam gives players a wide range of movement, as well a super comfortable sleeve. The Rome arm guards also feature a new moisture wicking liner called Quickdry which will keep players dry and cool.

  • Maverik Max Arm Guards

    The newest line of protection from Maverik, the new Max Arm guards are another hit. This is a pad that most of our Pros are wearing when playing, because of the unrivaled mobility in an arm guard, and the high level of protection we’ve come to expect from Maverik. 

  • STX Cell 4

    The STX Cell Series is one of the most popular lacrosse protection lines not just for 2020, but for all time. The Cell 4s are a great option for any player looking for a classic arm guard which features a hard cap. The STX Cell 4 arm guards offer the most protection of all the pads on this list, while allowing solid range of movement.


Best Lacrosse Arm Pads For Midfield / Middies

  • Warrior Evo 19 Arm Pads

    The highlights of the Warrior Evo Arm Pads besides the low price is the soft feel and arm sleeve that makes it feel like you are wearing no pads at all. There is a full elbow shield allowing you to dodge with confidence knowing that your elbows are covered, and you also have a high level of mobility to quickly be able to pass or shoot from the dodge.

  • STX Stallion 500 Arm Pads

    If you are looking for elite mobility while having good protection on and around your elbows, the STX Stallion 500 Arms are the way to go. A full 360 wrapping locks the forearm pad down which helps prevent this from sliding down your arm while playing. You’ll see a ton of our pros wearing this pad, as well as a lot of college guys.

  • Epoch Integra Elite Arm Pads

    The new Epoch Integra Elite Arm Pads are a great option for any player looking for a low profile arm pad. Worn by some the games best, the Integra Elite Arm pads feature an awesome new Sandwich Locking System, which helps to eliminate slippage, and allows for a fit more tailored to the player. The 2-Step Molded Multi Density Foam provides awesome protection.


Best Lacrosse Elbow Pads For Defense

    • Maverik Max Elbow Pads

      The Maverik Max elbow pads are perfect for any long stick midfielder, as it has the most protection on this of best elbow pads. It still allows top end movement because of the Anaform bicep pad. The grip zones inside the sleeves makes sure that the pad does not slide down your arm

    • Epoch Integra Elite Defensive Caps

      The Integra elite defensive elbow pad features a floating elbow cap, giving you just the right amount of coverage for any down low defenseman or LSM who is looking for maximum mobility.The player compression sleeve feels like any tight fitting sleeve, making these caps extremely comfortable.

    • Under Armour VFT+ 3 Elbow Sleeve

      These elbow sleeves from Under Armour are the most basic elbow protection you can get, and will give the most mobility possible. The VFT Vented Flex Points allow for supreme airflow and increased adjustability. The silicone grip pattern prevents the pad from moving around on your arm, and will help keep the sleeves in place.


    If you have any questions about any of the arm pads listed above or any product that is not on this list, do not hesitate to contact one of our Pros! We can be reached at 855-255-5294, or See you on the field!


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