Best Cleats 2019 For Men and Women

Aug 19, 2018

The Best Lacrosse Cleats of 2019


The Nike Alpha Huarache 6 Elite Lacrosse Cleats

One of the best designs and support systems we have ever seen. Triangulated cleats, mid-sole padding between the footplate and the inner cleat, soft sided faux leather and a lacing and bootie system that is the most comfortable on the market. These are simply the best that money can buy if you want support, speed and cutting ability. $129  

Under Armour Highlight Cleats

Worn by players that want all the high ankle support they can get. These cleats are actually super light weight and are the choice of many professional athletes. The break-in time is minimal and the cleat feels soft yet when laced up, really helps ankle support, cutting and straight-line speed. These UA Highlight cleats have been best sellers for the past 4 years running. New colors for 2018 !! $129  

Nike Vapor Untouchable Low Cleats

These are the lightest cleats in the upper end market and the same ones used by many pro athletes that want the low profile aggressive footplate that Nike is known for. The Untouchables can usually be spotted on the fastest players on the field who cut with intensity and purpose. These are the speed demons of the Nike line. $119  

New Balance Freeze LX 2.0 Cleats

Re-vamped for 2019.  Usually the first reaction to the Freeze lacrosse cleat is that players cannot believe that a mid-ankle cleat can be so light. New Balance also went with a footplate that is especially designed to pivot on the balls of the feet and then catch with outer sole lugs. The Freeze cleat has a bootie design that is combined with a traditional lace-up system. Easy on / easy off with the loop on the heel make these a top choice for middies and attackmen that want a little extra support, but also demand one of the lightest cleats in the game! $99  

The New Balance Burn Low Cleats

Slip these on and immediately know why they are a top choice for serious athletes that are looking for a bit more than the Nike Untouchable Lows and bit less than the Huarache 6 or the New Balance Freeze mids. If you are a speed player, and especially if you have a bit wider footplate, these New Balance Burn X cleats are a clean and powerful option at only $109.


Best Women’s Lacrosse Cleats 2019

  The best women’s lacrosse cleats for 2019 are listed below. Both of our ex-collegiate Pros like the lighter weight and thinner walled design of these models and don’t require as stiff of a cleat.  

The Nike Huarache 6 Elite

They are designed for the ladies (and men) that like to dodge with maximum straight line speed. These cleats are designed with Flywire technology, triangular 12 cleated propulsion sole, and full bootie construction.  This combo gives the best fitting, not too snug feeling that literally anchors you down into the footplate. $129  

The Nike Alpha Huarache Pro

This is the step down version of the Elite model that is heavier and thicker. The Alpha Huarache is a mid cleat that supports cutting and horizontal footwork for defensive players as well. The same nasty, lightweight footplate and a faux leather upper which supports mid way up the design offers players uncompromising support without all the bulk. $99

Watch the video to see our two women's PROs here at break down the best options for the new Nike 2019 cleat line for the women's game.

We also recommend the UA Highlight for those that want the extra ankle support as well as the New Balance Freeze for those that are into the light weight softer feel of New Balance.  

  MOST CLEAT COMPANIES HAVE GONE UNISEX SO THE LADIES JUST NEED TO SIZE DOWN 1.5 SIZES IN THE MEN’S TO GET ALL THE BEST TECHNOLOGY IN THE GAME. As an example, if you wear a 8.5 women’s cleat you would order a men’s cleat in a size 7. Many of the best ladies are wearing the Nike Huarache 6 lacrosse cleats and the Under Armour Highlights on game day! The New Balance Freeze cleats are also a favorite because of the light weight mid ankle design. The best lacrosse cleats for 2019 have arrived at and you can enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all men’s and women’s lacrosse cleats at! We also have the GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES anywhere and can offer you the best advice from our seasoned staff of PROs. We ship the same day so you can get your game up to SPEED fast !


 See you on the fields!

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