Best Lacrosse Gloves of 2020 For Men

Dec 13, 2019

When it comes to lacrosse gloves weight, feel and comfort are all major factors to consider when buying a new pair.  Lacrosse gloves are one of the most important pieces of lacrosse equipment a player can wear, because of the feel they provide on the stick.  The most important thing to consider for newer and younger youth players is mobility and comfort.  As players get older it is the combination of added protection and feel on the stick.  Lastly, for the high school and collegiate players, it is all about fit, feel, range of motion and putting the protection in the right areas that will not impede performance.

Choosing the right lacrosse gloves is second only to getting the right lacrosse head and shaft as well as making sure it is strung with the right pocket.  Gloves are your main point of contact for ball control on the stick.  Bad mobility or cheap palms will hurt your game and development quickly.  Trust our PROS, who have tested and used all of the equipment on this list. We only carry and recommend lacrosse gloves that we would play with ourselves or put on our own kids.  If you need help with sizing, use our printable sizing guide.  

Here are our Pro's picks for the top lacrosse gloves for the 2020 season!

Maverik M4 Lacrosse Gloves  - The Maverik M4 lacrosse glove has a roomy fit and also affords players some extra space on the back of the hand.  These gloves have a softer, unrestricted feel that collegiate and high school players love. The other big call outs are the mobility in the thumb and the increased ventilation in the palm.  The M4 glove also has a looser fitting cuff system that can be adjusted for more protection, but also loosened for maximum range of wrist motion. Maverik used the same, popular Ax-Suede material as the M3 because players liked it so much.   Also back is the technology called 37.5 which is a material that self cools when wet.  This glove is priced to compete with the advanced youth market, but good enough for the best college and high school teams in the nation to order for their programs.

Warrior Brun Pro Lacrosse Gloves - The new Burn Pro Gloves are set to be one of the most popular gloves of the upcomming 2020 season. From the moment our pros tried these on we knew that these would be the talk amongst all elite high school and college level players. The new TotalFLX+ cuff elimates the bulk of traditional cuffs to provide superior mobility and wrist roatation when taking shots or making a quick feed. The backhand of the glove comes with IMpax LT compression molded foam that has dramitically reduced the weight of the glove while still providing the protection needed at a high level of play. Our pro's favorite part about this glove is the Pro Palm whcoh features responsice spandex gussets that are combined with Ax Suede palm material that makes these gloves game ready as soon as you put them on. Lastly, Warrior added in their most advanced Truvent TM system which allows for the best ventilation technology to keep your hands cool during play. 

STX Surgeon RZR Lacrosse Gloves - The Surgeon RZR Gloves are unlike any glove that has ever been produced by not only STX, but the lacrosse world in general. Right of the bat just from looking at the gloves you can tell STX put a tremendous amount innovation into these. The new SUPERFLEX technology is a lightweight design that doubles the number of blocks in key contact zones for superior flexibility and protection from slashes and hacks. Combined with their DFLKT technology on the thumb and back of the hand, this is one of the most protective and leightweight gloves we have seen come to market. What our pros loved the most about this glove was the 2nd SKIN palm that features fewer stich lines and provides next generation tactile response. The palm also is equipped with durable and comforatable Ax Suede that makes these game ready right out of the package. The layered cuff design is excellent for enhanced range of motion and protection. 

Maverik Rome Lacrosse Gloves - The Maverik Rome lacrosse gloves are simply one of the best gloves we have seen to date. With a combination of durability and flexibility, these gloves are helping the most elite players throughout the country absolutely dominate the game. A bit tighter fit than the best selling M4 line, the Rome lacrosse gloves are designed for top level players that really want the best fit and feel on the market.The new Rome boasts a "cuff-less" backhand design that allows for maximum wrist roll.The mobility on the thumb is increased with an added hyper-extension prevention design.The top hand padding is a bit softer and more beefy than the Max line, and designed to take a beating. Magnetic inner cuff design, and one of the best palms in the game. Slight "trigger-finger" texture beads increase grip and feel.

Epoch Integra Elite Lacrosse Gloves - The Epoch Integra Elite gloves are some of the best lacrosse for the 2020 season. Worn by some of the top pros in the PLL for the inaugural season, the Intergra Elite gloves is our top choice for every elite level player. Epoch's Tri-Layer Dual Density foams offers op protection, while not hindering movement one bit. The Seamless + Ax Suede One-Piece Palm gives you some of the best feel of any gloves on the market, while the new Player Core Control ft S.Cafe Technology helps absorb the smell of these gloves. This technology is awesome, and really keeps the smell to a minimum! If you are looking for the newest and greatest technology in a pair of gloves, the new Epoch Integra Elite gloves are the right choice for you!

Maverik Max Lacrosse Gloves - The Maverik Max lacrosse gloves offers a traditional glove profile while adding volume to the fingers and back of the hand for increased comfort and protection. Maverik Max Gloves include DuraStretch panels throughout the knuckles provide improved flexibility and control providing a broken in feel from the first day you put them on. The synthetic suede palms are so soft our Pros here at didn’t want to take them off! The wrist cuff is also adjustable to allow for maximum protection or unrestricted wrist mobility, which is a huge plus for players of all levels and positions. Overheating is a thing of the past with Flowcool vents on the back of the hand allowing maximum heat dispersion. The Max glove moves in to the future by eliminating velcro on the wrist cuff and replacing it with a strong magnetic connection that will never fail. Sharkgel inserts along the thumb add extra protection from impact while retaining full mobility of the finger. The Max glove also features Quickdry technology that wicks moisture away from the hands to keep you cool and dry all game long.


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