Best Defense Lacrosse Heads

Oct 16, 2018
The best defense lacrosse heads of 2019 all share designs which have widened the top of the throat up near the scoop and created a high pocket zone for easier ground balls and ball handling with long poles. New technology in molding the plastic has allowed for bigger and stiffer sidewalls without a lot of added extra weight. There is no great distinction between youth and collegiate play in the defensive lacrosse head category. If your player can control a long pole, these designs will only help their ball handling and clearing skills.  

The best defensive lacrosse heads of 2019 are:

STX Hammer 500 EnduraForm Maverik Tank Warrior Regulator WARP Max PRO StringKing Mark 2D


STX Hammer 500 EnduraForm

  The most advanced collegiate and high school lacrosse heads of 2019. The new Enduraform technology is simply stiffer and lighter than before. The Hammer lacrosse head has the widest sidewalls available which really make those slap checks sting and is also one of the stiffest heads on the market. Aggressive poke checks and the ability for the highest pocket of the group really make this an all around elite players head for defensemen that are confident in their abilities and skills at the highest levels. Just look on the college sideline this season and see what most of the big boys are running with.   STX hammer 500 enduraform best defensive lacrosse head    

Maverik Tank

  This lacrosse head also boasts a wider design and strings well for mid-high pocket. The Tank is a great choice for players that find themselves frequently running the ball up over the mid-line on clears rather than passing it up. The mid-high pocket allows defenseman to pass with some “air” under the ball as well as rip some hard in-line passes. Our Pro’s like the Maverik Tank for the CONTROL and true high bucket pocket. Full field passes, long clears, no worries here when strung up with StringKing 4S or East Coast Dyes semi-soft.   Maverik Tank Best defensive Head    

StringKing Mark 2D

  The Mark 2D lacrosse head is the perfect head for any player who likes to string up a perfect pocket for their style of play. Whether they like a mid-pocket with a nice channel or a high pocket with little whip so they can throw cross field passes with ease, the Mark 2D has 29 sidewalls. Not 29 total, but 29 per side! This gives you endless stringing combinations and can allow you to string up the pocket that matches your style of play!   Stringking Mark 2d Best defensive Lacrosse head    

Warrior Regulator WARP Max PRO

  This is the meat stick of the bunch. Of course, the story here is the consistency of the WARP, high pockets. Just look at what some of the Pros used this summer. Many have made the switch to a WARP and they can play with whatever they want. A little lighter than the other two because of the Kevlar pocket – yet heftier in sidewall design and designed to really lay the lumber on attackman. This is a stay home defenders dream head because the bit of extra weight and thickness is simply devastating starting at the high school levels.   warrior regulator warp max pro best defensive lacrosse head     The best defensive lacrosse heads of 2019 is a short list of specialty designs that all focus on ground balls, ease of clearing passes and stiffness above and beyond normal tolerances. The biggest key here is getting someone that really knows what they are doing with each of these heads to string them with the appropriate pocket setups. The sidewall hole setups on each of these heads is very different and you have to know where to start and finish certain knots to get peak performance.   Our custom stringers are trusted by the very best of high school and collegiate players. A good, custom strung, semi-soft or semi-hard mesh is the key to starting a good bucket with a channel in these heads. To Receive More Great Lacrosse Content and get Exclusive Deals, Enter Our Mailing List:  
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